CBB: Week 1 Eviction Nominees


Hey guys,
I feel like I'm going to be making a lot of posts about Big Brother this year. Today I want to talk about nominations. It's interesting to see who was up for nomination. There were the two I expected to be nominated and then everyone else that was nominated seemed like a bit of a shock haha.
So without further ado here are the nominees for this week's eviction:

Chris Ellison - This surprised me. Although he was only nominated by Jenna because they don't talk very much and he was also nominated by Scoop because Scoop says he reminds him a bit of his dad hahaha. So really I think he'll end up staying. Nothing to worry about there.
Daniel Baldwin - I was really surprised about Daniel. I know a lot of people said he is very loud and doesn't really care about others opinions but I haven't really seen that. I mean, if you aren't in the middle of a fight on the show then you kind of don't really exist because the camera doesn't show you a lot.
I know he made that comment about Janice being in the bedroom and packing but that's the only negative thing I've seen of him, and as for being loud...I've seen Scoop be louder...

Stevi Richie and Chloe Jasmine - At first I was surprised but then not really. I mean...they are annoying. Mainly because they are never away from each other and always complaining they can't be intimate. And it's so rare to see them apart, in fact in the last episode they were apart quite a bit and that is the most I have ever seen them apart.
But then there was Stevi accusing Chloe Jasmine of making eyes at James, what even was that? Like really? I guess it goes along the lines of Chloe Jasmine being annoyed with Stevi for being in a bath with Jenna and Farrah. It's really stupid. Especially when in the last episode we saw Chloe Jasmine and Stevi all over each other, and Chloe Jasmine was even putting makeup on Stevi and trimming his ear hair....if that isn't true love I don't know what is.

Farrah Abraham - Of course Farrah was gonna be up for nomination. I had no doubts about this. She started a lot of conflict in the house and every time she speaks it's confusing. Like I don't know how she forms her sentences, and then when she's in a fight and doesn't have a proper argument she just continues to call people names. So it's kind of obvious why everyone wants her to leave the house.
As for my personal opinion, I kind of don't want her to go. I know she's annoying and everyone in the house can't stand her but I think if she goes it won't be as interesting to watch.

Jenna Jameson - A little surprised. I know Jenna has started some things but like...definitely not as much as Austin. I feel like Jenna is very chill about everything, unless you come for her kosher food. But I mean we're all a little sensitive about sharing food so it's understandable. Other than the food thing she's been fine and you know if she were to go and Farrah were to stay then Farrah would have no one to talk to. I feel like Jenna is the only one that can stand her sometimes haha.

Janice Dickinson - This wasn't a surprise. Janice is annoying as anything. I mean, yes, I felt bad for her when she got stung by a bee/wasp and had an allergic reaction. None of us could have predicted that. After that happened, she seemed to become more friendly and I assume it's because she realised karma's a bitch but then when she tried to get out of helping everyone else clean up it was just so annoying. I get that she might not like being bossed around and, therefore, doesn't listen but all the USA housemates are in the same boat on this task, so if she could just cooperate that'd be great.
I just don't like the way Janice is always just around and listening to other people's drama. I mean when that Farrah, James and Austin thing exploded she but in and made things worse. So I really wouldn't miss her if she were to go.

And so, those are our eviction nominees. I'm excited to see what will happen and who goes home. If anything I'd prefer if Janice or Stevi and Chloe Jasmine got evicted. They are the ones I have the most problems with, everyone else I can tolerate, but I guess we just see what the public decides.
One thing I will say is that I'm surprised they aren't actually airing Celebrity Big Brother in the US too because it's UK vs USA. I know that it is technically UK Celebrity Big Brother but because they chose to make a big deal about UK vs USA I was sure they'd air it in the US and let them vote too. Although I suppose that'd be hard to keep count of voting and things...I don't know.
Other than that, I'm excited to see how the USA housemates deal with waiting hand and foot on the UK celebrities. I know they aren't exactly thrilled about it and Janice is against doing most of the work but I wonder if they'll be able to pull it off...
~ Courtney x
All photos from the Channel 5 CBB website.

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