First Impressions on CBB's UK vs USA Housemates


Hey guys!
So today I am giving you my first impressions on this year's Celebrity Big Brother housemates. Now it's been about four years since I watched Big Brother, I used to be a big fan of it when I was younger when they showed it on Channel 4...Chantelle and Preston were my OTP back then haha. Since then, the show has moved to Channel 5 and I lost interest.
But this year, when I heard that Farrah Abraham was making an appearance I decided to give it a go. Mainly because Shane Dawson is obsessed with her and talks about her non-stop on his podcast so I wanted to see what she was like on TV. Although I have to say, I'm excited for this season of Big Brother. It has a lot of promise.
Anyway, let's get on to the fun part, judging the celebs:

Austin Armacost - never heard of him before Big Brother, but he is easily a favourite. His bromance with James is very enjoyable to watch, I like that they have bonded so quickly. So far he hasn't caused any conflict in the house and so to me, he's a really nice and likeable guy.

Bobby Davro - I have no idea who he is. Also, he hasn't been on screen a lot so I don't have a lot to say about him. He seems pretty quiet other than when he entered the house. I wonder what kind of special roles he'll have as prime minister of the house.
Chris Ellison - Again no clue who he is, this is a running theme in CBB, I never know the celebrities haha. Again, he doesn't have a lot of screen time so I can't say a lot about him. The UK housemates all seem to be a lot more quiet and reserved compared to the USA housemates.
Daniel Baldwin - From what I've seen he's probably one of the least controversial USA housemates. He's very chill about everything and that's what I like about him. He doesn't want any drama so he stays away from it.
Farrah Abraham - Wow. She really does give you a first impression. From the first night, she was already starting something with Natasha, and then the next night it was James. She was definitely a sore loser after the first night, so maybe Natasha was right to send her to the for the thing with James, I have no idea what that was even about. I feel like Farrah blew that out of proportion. Like the only person I think that can tolerate Farrah properly is Jenna haha.

Gail Porter - Someone I recognise other than Farrah! Took me a while but I recognised her from when she presented on the Gadget Show. Gail is a super nice housemate, however, I really feel like she's letting Janice take advantage of her...Like girl, you should not be making that woman's bed when she's out smoking. No girl, just no.
James Hill - Another person who is easily liked. James is so sweet. I like him a lot. He definitely doesn't want to start conflict in the house and will go out of his way to make sure he's on good terms with everyone. Again, I love the bromance between him and Austin, super cute. And I know if Tila had stayed in the house James would be in so much trouble haha. I liked what had started between Tila and James, sad we never got to see what that could have been.

Janice Dickinson - I don't like her. I thought she was cool to begin with, but that quickly changed. I feel like she also is someone who will make a bigger deal out of something than it needs to be. I mean the way she started that whole thing with Jenna was just rude. And there was that thing with Austin...And the way she's getting everyone else to do things for her. I get that she's older than some housemates but like...girl...unpack your  own bags, don't ask someone else to make your bed...
Jenna Jameson - I like her. She's really chill. Plus she doesn't want to start shit if she doesn't have to. I think she's being really smart about the whole thing. And she seems to get along with everyone in the house so that's always a plus.
Natasha Hamilton - I liked Atomic Kitten back in the day but never learnt any of their individual names haha. She's kind of disappeared off the radar since the whole Farrah thing from the first night. I think she realised what she started and backed down because who can be bothered with that drama. So I'm interested to see if something happens with her again, I imagine it will because she seems very opinionated.

Fatman Scoop - Another chill guy. He understands everyone's gotta do what they gotta do. He gives great girl advice to James haha. He also gives good advice to other housemates on occasion. Plus he stresses the importance of having your own bed in the house. I like him.
Sherrie Hewson - I've seen her on Loose Women. She's another person who hasn't had a lot of camera time, but I sense she's going to be nice to everyone in the house and avoid conflict. Which a lot of the older housemates seem to be doing. Which is fine, it just makes them seem a bit boring.
Stevi Richie & Chloe Jasmine - I don't know why they are counted as one housemate. I don't see how that's fair when team USA only have five housemates now that Tila got kicked out. Also, they are kind of annoying, I'm not all about that PDA. I get that they are a couple and in love, but to see them always together and kissing and I can appreciate it every once in a while, but I agree with Jenna and Farrah on this one. It's just not good. Plus they're already sexually frustrated and have only been in the house for four will they cope two weeks from now?

Tila Tequila - I liked her. I have heard her name before but never really knew who she was. From what we saw of her I could see she was going to be a problem for James haha. I can only imagine how that would have went if she had stayed in the house. As for her being kicked out of the house for something she said years ago...I think Big Brother should have done their homework before letting her into the house in the first place. Plus, haven't we all said stupid things online at one point or another?
And so those are my first impressions on this season's CBB housemates! I'm sure these opinions will change as the show goes on because we are still in the early stages, but I'm excited! As for being team UK or team USA, I feel like I have to be team UK because I live in the UK but to be honest I find the USA housemates much more entertaining, so we'll see if that changes in the future. Look out for update blog posts in the future on the show, because some thoughts are just too long for 140 characters.
~ Courtney xx
All photos from the Channel 5 CBB website.

Meet the Allgoods


Hey guys!
So today I thought I would introduce you to my Sims 4 family. This is the sim family that I have been playing with when I am not playing my Legacy Challenge save file.
These are the Allgoods.

I originally started with two sims, but their family grew pretty quickly. I have decided that I will talk about each sim individually and then talk about my experience with playing with such a big household of Sims. I have never played with eight sims at one time before, so this was kind of new to me.
Before we even get into talking about my sims, let me give you a peek at the family tree.

The Allgood Family Tree
So there is Jen, who is the mother, Tanner the father, Alice and Amber who are twins and both married, Elle who is the second youngest and Patrick the very youngest of the family.
Now I can introduce you to my sims! Let's start with Jen.

Jen was the first sim that I created. She is basically the same as my Aria Montgomery sim however I changed her name, her clothes, and her makeup. She started young adult and originally had the Painter Extraordinaire lifetime aspiration.

Since then, Jen has completed the Painter Extraordinaire lifetime aspiration and is now pursuing the Bestselling Author lifetime aspiration. She is in the painter career, is reaching the elder stage of life and has gained quite a lot of traits.
One of my friends reminded me of the lifetime rewards panel and since then all my sims have been racking up the traits haha.
Next we have Tanner, Tanner is just my Tanner Patrick sim. He started as a young adult and had the Musical Genius lifetime aspiration. As you can see in the photo, he has aged quite a bit.

Since we started, Tanner as aged up twice to become an elder, I find it weird that he ages up slightly faster than Jen because they started at the same time. And he has completed the Musical Genius lifetime aspiration and is now working towards the Successful Linage lifetime aspiration. He works in the entertainer career and, like Jen, has accumulated quite a lot of traits.
Jen and Tanner soon became pregnant with a set of twins. Which was surprising, I was definitely not prepared. The oldest one (or the one I'm going to talk about first) is Alice. She is a young adult and has the Master Chef lifetime aspiration.

Alice currently has a culinary career, and is married to Johnny Zest.
I won't say a lot about my sims' significant others. Mainly because they haven't been part of the family for long. Johnny is one of the premade sims in the game and is an adult, he has the Joke Star lifetime aspiration and is an adult.

Next we have Amber, who is Alice's twin sister. She is a young adult and is following in her father's footsteps and pursuing the Musical Genius lifetime aspiration.

Amber is currently in the entertainer career and is married to Alison DiLaurentis.
Alison is a sim I created and added to the neighbourhood in this save game, as well as the other Pretty Little Liars. She is an adult, has the Party Animal lifetime aspiration.
Then we have Elle. She is a young adult and is, unfortunately, the awkward middle child.
Elle has the Friend of the World lifetime aspiration and is pursuing a business career. Elle is also looking for love, but unfortunately due to the size of our family it'll be a while before she gets married.
And finally we have the youngest of the Allgood children and the only boy, Patrick.
Patrick has the Serial Romantic lifetime aspiration and is currently a high school student. I have tried my teenage sims with a job and school, but that was next to impossible because their needs always dropped so rapidly so, until Patrick graduates he will remain unemployed.

And so they are the Allgoods! Now to talk about how I have been playing the game.
I don't really have a challenge I have set myself with this household, I've kind of just been playing and trying not to cheat. Which has been going pretty well.
The only times I have cheated were to one, get a better bed for Jen and Tanner and two, reduce the ages of Alison and Johnny because they were elders when they married Amber and Alice.
As for the house they live in, it's not great.

The Outside
The Inside
The house started with three rooms, the bedroom at the back, a bathroom and the living room. As the family expanded, the house also had to expand. It looks pretty basic right now and that's because my sims didn't have a lot of money while I have been making renovations to their house. Now that there are mainly adults in the house and they are all working, we can bring in more money and I may be able to design them a better house.
As for the bedrooms, all my sims have their own and I have found the easiest way to identify everyone's was to add selfies to their respective bedrooms.

Although everyone's bedrooms are essentially the same, mainly because like I said, we have been low on funds and so it's not easy to give them everything they should have so as long as there is a place to sleep it's fine.
As for playing with eight sims on a whole, it's a lot. I find myself pausing the game a lot to make sure all my sims are doing actions to further their lifetime aspirations. I know I could make the household smaller by having older sims move out on their own but I don't like the idea of getting rid of sims. I like to have them all in the same place, otherwise I'm not going to play as them again.
The only downside is that now as the younger sims get older, they can't have anymore children to expand the family. So I don't know what I am going to do about that.
One thing I will also say about playing as a large household, or just because I'm a lazy sim player is that I never travel outside my lot when I play. I feel like there are too many sims for that and if I just leave with one of them something will happen to the others. Also I can't be bothered to sit through the loading screens that come with leaving a lot.
But overall I think it's great to play with so many sims, there is never a dull moment. And it's great to explore all different types of aspirations and traits at the same time.

The Allgoods pursuing their passions
Another thing I have become obsessed with in the sims 4 is the photography skill. I decided to add all the other sims I had created into the neighbourhood so that the Allgoods could be friends with them and take photos with them...and I think I've gone overboard.

All the photos in my sims house
As for exploring the Get To Work careers and the Outdoor Retreat game pack in this save game, I haven't really been using them. I think it's because one, when doing the Get to Work careers it takes you away from all your other sims and two, I think my sim family is too big for an Outdoor Retreat. But I will have to get back to using the features of them, mainly because I paid for them so should really use them.
And so I think this is a good place to end this blog post. I know it's a lot longer than normal but I just love to share my photos. I hope that you guys enjoyed reading, and getting to know a little bit more about how I play Sims 4. Obviously everyone plays their game differently so I'd love to know how you like to play Sims.
Also if you are wondering where I get all of my custom content from (i.e all the clothes my sims wear and the fancy hair) I get it from the Sims Resource website. It is a wonderful place and I love everyone who makes pretty sim clothes. I love them so much.
Again thanks so much for reading and if you want to check out my other Sims 4 save file that I use to do a Legacy Challenge on my YouTube channel you can find it here.
~ Courtney x

Movie Review

Cinema Tickets and Selfies | Pages 169, 178 & 183 | The Pointless Book 2


Hey guys!
Today I am bringing you another Pointless Book 2 blog post, this time we are rating movies and taking selfies. Productive.
As always if you guys wanna check out the video it will be below:

The first page I did was page 163, which asks us to stick in cinema tickets and rate the movie. Luckily for me, I'm a huge cinema ticket hoarder. I started my cinema ticket collection in 2011. I just love movies. So for this page I decided to choose movies that I had seen more than once, because then it would be okay to part with the cinema ticket. This is what my page looked like below:

So the cinema tickets are bigger than the page in the book, so I have to fold them when I close the book but that's okay. The movies I chose were Breaking Dawn Part 1, New Year's Eve, Fifty Shades of Grey, Jurassic World and Fantastic Four. I haven't actually seen Fantastic Four more than once but it was my most recent cinema ticket so I added that too.
My ratings were:
  • Breaking Dawn - 5 stars - I love Twilight with a passion and saw this movie four times in the cinema. I'm a Twihard through and through.
  • New Year's Eve - 4 stars - I thought this was cute. I mean it had a lot of actors in it that I liked and the story was fun and I liked Valentine's Day so this was similar.
  • Fifty Shades of Grey - 3 stars - Y'all know all my thoughts about Fifty Shades, if you wanna check out the blog post where I talked about it, it's here
  • Jurassic World - 4 stars - Surprisingly thought it was good even though it was about dinosaurs. However Chris Pratt totally swayed me.
  • Fantastic Four - 2 stars - Definitely not one of my favourites. Plus it was a remake and the last half of the movie was cliche and boring.

So those were my movie reviews, as you guys can see I'm easily impressed at the cinema haha. As long as I don't fall asleep during the movie I usually consider the movie fine.
The next page that I did was page 178 which was basically just to take a selfie with the Pointless Book and the Pointless Book 2 so here are some of my fabulous selfies:

And finally the last page I did was page 183, which was basically just colouring in but I still wanted to do it because who doesn't love colouring in?

And so that brings us to the end of another Pointless Book 2 blog post. I hope that you guys liked it, and if you guys wanna check out more of my Pointless Book 2 videos you can click the link to the playlist here.
~ Courtney x

The Pointless Book

My Bucket List and Random Thoughts | Pages 15 and 55 | The Pointless Book


Hey guys!
Today I am here with another Pointless Book blog post! This time we are making a bucket list and writing down whatever is on our minds. Interesting.
If you guys wanna see the video where I filled in these pages as always it is below:

So the first page that I filled in was my bucket list, and I've never made a bucket list before so this was interesting. And if I'm honest, it took me a long time to decide what I wanted to write here. I have no idea what kind of things I want to accomplish by the time I'm older...I guess just as long as I accomplish something I'll be okay. But this is what I managed to come up with...

In case you can't read it the bucket list reads:
  1. To travel the world
  2. To publish a book
  3. To code my own website from scratch
  4. To go on a huge shopping spree Blair Waldorf style
  5. To attend vidcon or any other YouTube convention
  6. To visit my favourite social media headquarters
  7. To play a part in the next big technology innovation
  8. To visit the "Friends" set in Hollywood
  9. To meet one of my favourite celebrities
  10. To earn enough money to be able to afford a comfortable lifestyle, not having to worry about bills etc.
I don't think any of these goals are unreasonable...I mean I feel like these are honestly things I could do...well maybe not play a part in the next big technology innovation, but I do want to create a cool gadget or something. It'd be fun.
The next page I chose to do was something less serious and that was page 55 to write whatever was on your mind until you get to the bottom of the page and this is what my page ended up looking like:

So for those of you who don't know I actually mainly write joint up...normally when I fill in the Pointless Book or am revising I don't because it makes it easier to read but any other time it's usually joint writing.
And in case you can't read that here's what it says:
So I am currently filming a video and decided this was the page I was going to fill in for it and I have no idea what I am going to write to fill this space. This is probably the most I have written since I went on summer holiday and it feels weird. At least my handwriting is okay. Don't know how I'll cope when I got university and have to write loads. I mean literally my hand hurts haha. Not used to holding a pen for so long. I definitely prefer to type things. Also currently listening to Taylor Swift which is nice. And of course, I can write her name really nicely compared to the rest of this which is a mess. Oh well. I guess I needed this I really should get back to handwriting things. At least sometimes. And omg here we are at the bottom of the page hallelujah! :)
Sometimes it is really hard to write down what is going on in your head because you think faster than you write so it ends up looking a mess like my page did haha but it's fine I think my writing could have been a lot worse and that's because I have seen it a lot worse.
And so that is it for this Pointless Book blog post, I hope that you guys liked it. I'm not sure if I'll come to complete everything on my bucket list but if I do, I'll be sure to tell you. :)
~ Courtney x


Results and The Future


Well, guys...
I did it.
I passed my A-Levels and I am going to university.
Who would have thought?
Well actually everyone I know. Everyone had so much faith in me haha. I also had faith in myself. I mean I know I worked hard. My mock grades gave me a lot of hope and so I knew that I would at least pass.
I didn't just pass, I exceeded what I thought I would do. I never know exactly what I'm going to get. I just knew I'd never get my mock grades they were too high.
For those of you who are wondering what my mock grades were they were 2 A*s and an A. I didn't actually get that but if I had I'm sure you would have heard about it haha.
My actual results were more realistic. I just always feel weird sharing them with people. I don't know why either, it's not like they are bad by any means I just don't feel like it's other people's place to know. Other than my friends and family.
So I don't think I'll share my real results.
Y'all just need to know I'm going in the right direction.
So, it is now 8 in the morning, I haven't slept and I'm just...content.
I don't know what else to say I mean I know I have to be down at the school in an hour to get my paper results - not the actual certificate but just the piece of paper that says what you got because, it's tradition.
I'll see my friends, we will go and celebrate. We can enjoy the rest of our summer without having to worry about the future. We have a plan. And it's great.
I'm so nervous about university, though...It's going to be so different from secondary school. I mean I have been doing the whole school system thing for 14 years of my life and so to do anything else seems strange...
I know I'll adapt, but initially it just seems scary. It is also exciting, I mean it will be good to meet people who have the same interests as me and to begin focusing on learning about something I'm interested in.
It'll be exciting to be in a new learning environment and to have that "university experience".
I guess I just have mixed emotions about it now. I mean for the longest time I didn't even know if this was something I really wanted. Being thrown into the process of applying to university and having to choose a course wasn't exactly what I thought. It stressed me out a lot knowing that this one choice would determine my whole life.
Although as time went on I knew this was the right decision. I know what I want to achieve in the future and this will be something that will help me along the way. I know not everyone chooses university as their next option after school but for some, it is the right choice. But that's a choice I needed to make on my own, I had to know it was right for me and not right because someone pushed me into it. And I think that's the most important thing about this whole thing, your future has to be your choice, no one else's.
So the future does indeed look bright.
I have no idea how university will actually go for me. If I'll love it or hate it or just be okay with it. I just know it's where I'm going for the next four years. So I better saddle up.
Wish me luck!
~ Courtney x

Pretty Little Liars

Game Over, Charles - My Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale Reaction



So...last night I watched the episode and I filmed my reaction immediately, like didn't even really check on social media didn't really have time to let things sink in and I was kind of a daze. Trying to process everything that happened. If you guys wanna check out the raw reaction to the episode check out the video below:

It is now the next day and I have had time to process everything, watch the episode again and go on social media to get the general thoughts on the episode.
Here's the deal, PLL fans are not happy. And I can agree with a lot of them, I can see why people are angry, I have seen the lengths people have went to make their own theories and I can see how they'd be disappointed with the real thing.
I have to say I'm only like half disappointed with the episode. I mean I was definitely shocked when A turned around and it turned out to be CeCe. I was not expecting that. I was so sure A was a guy that I just...kind of shut down the idea that he could be a girl. 
In fact, to me the whole transgender thing was a surprise. I didn't think Pretty Little Liars would take that route. Mainly just because I didn't see that being the style of the show, I'm fine with the way they went with the story but I just wasn't expecting it. I saw a lot of theories about Charles being transgender, but a lot of people thought that Charles was originally a girl wanting to be a boy and not the other way around.
One thing I am definitely not okay with was Sara being Red Coat/Black Widow. And I know I'm not the only one. I said in my last blog post I didn't want Sara to be Red Coat. She was only introduced this season and there is literally no motive behind why Sara was doing this or why CeCe chose her at all. I just...I don't get it. Why Sara. She's so...annoying. I really don't like her so the fact this happened was just not okay with me.
But can we please talk about when Emily punched Sara? Because that was one of my favourite things about this episode haha.
I am also not sure why everyone is okay with what CeCe did to them. Like, she almost killed them and tortured them for years and yet they seem to be pretty willing to let it go. I'm sorry, but I wouldn't be. I can understand why Alison would, but I don't with the other girls. CeCe may have said she loved all of them, but I just don't see how she did.
One thing we were promised is that we would feel sorry for A. And I sort of do feel sorry for CeCe but at the same time that doesn't make what she did okay. 
I also don't understand the whole Mona and CeCe in Radley thing. I mean I understand CeCe agreed to play the game with Mona so that she could get out of Radley but why did she love hearing so much about the girls.
Did she really only punish the girls because they seemed happy Alison was gone?
And what are the odds of Bethany picking that yellow outfit to wear to escape Radley on the same night Alison was wearing it?
Because Bethany ends up stealing CeCe's clothes and going after Mrs D for having an affair with her dad and so CeCe follows her and hits her with a rock. But that turns out to be CeCe hit Alison.
Which leads us to...Mona killing Bethany. Um...what? I'm sorry, but there were just so many people in that general area that night Alison disappeared. I mean seriously can we just get a full episode with everything they said happened that one night. I need to know how everything played out. From the barn to Alison going to the kissing rock to Bethany getting murdered and Alison being buried alive. What really happened?
One thing I have to applaud Pretty Little Liars for is that they did give us a lot of answers. I know they may not have been the answers everyone wanted, but they definitely gave us more in that one episode than they ever did in the rest of this season. So yay for them finally following through on something haha.
Now moving onto the flash forward of five years...
Alison writing on a chalkboard...she is Mrs is she married? If she is, every Emison shipper is gonna be heartbroken and we all know it. I kind of thought she just changed her name for safety reasons because at first I didn't notice she wrote Mrs. Also she's a teacher! Did we expect that to be Alison's profession?
Also, he is coming for Alison know someone new is after them. What else is new? Haha.
I'm excited about the time jump mainly because they are no longer going to be in high school. Which is good because they can't pass for high school students for much longer, well maybe Sasha Pieterse can but that's because she's 19.
And of course, there are things that this episode never really who killed Mrs DiLaurentis, or if the mums ever made it out of the basement...these are things we all need to know. Hopefully, we find out in the upcoming episodes...
As for who I originally thought was A...well, I was kind of jumping on the Wren train with a lot of people but as we got clues revealed to us last night I made a spider diagram and CeCe's name was on there!

I also made notes during the episode so I remembered what to talk about's a little bit of a mess...

So what did you think of the Pretty Little Liars summer finale? Did you love it or hate it? Let me know in the comments below!

~ Courtney x

Book Review

A Work in Progress Book Review


Hey guys,

Today we are reviewing A Work in Progress by Connor Franta.

Honestly, not my favourite YouTuber book. I feel like Connor's was just...missing something for me. I feel like there is so much more we could learn about him.
However, his book was very...what I like to call "Tumblr" which means it's very artsy and inspirational. These are not necessarily bad things, though.
His style of writing was more formal than most YouTuber books, it wasn't as conversational as others yet he was still able to allow his personality to shine through in some parts of the book with his side comments. Very similar to the way he talks in his videos.

To me, Connor's book makes him seem a lot older than he really is. The way he told his stories and the lessons he has learned through life really came across in an older and wiser way than most. I enjoyed learning about how he sees the world and what he takes from his experiences in life.
Throughout Connor's book, there are lots of photos that he had taken and these were presented a lot differently than other photos in YouTuber books. They are sprinkled throughout the chapter and show off Connor's photography skills and his creative style. I think that they help to illustrate his chapters in a very simple and beautiful way.

If anything, Connor's book seriously made me think about life. Which, was kind of a shock to me. At the end of his book, he recites the words of his Life Doesn't Wait video and it really just made me think about life. Am I doing what I want to be doing? It was kind of a wake-up call at 2 a.m. I remember watching the video before and thinking about it....but it really just...made me wonder if I am doing what I want to be doing in life.

At the end of the day, I think I'm doing what I want to be doing. I mean, it's kind of hard to really decide right now because this time in my life is as stressful as it is but I know I'm headed in the right direction and that's a good start.
To go back to Connor's book, I think what I really would have loved were more stories. All of Connor's stories he told were very short and he was more about making the point of what he learned from these experiences rather than the experience itself. Which, I think is fine, if that's what you were looking for in a book. But for me, I mostly pick up a YouTuber book for the chance to know more about the YouTuber.
Plus, I am sad that Connor didn't really talk about his time with his collaboration channel Our Second Life or really much about YouTube at all.
I think it's interesting to see the different directions YouTubers take with their books though because even if I wasn't fully happy with Connor's book I do think that it was great that he stuck to his style of writing and creating. I think that's one of the most important things.
It's not as if this book was completely different from Connor's style of videos or anything else he has created. So maybe I shouldn't be that surprised with what the book contained. It's just always interesting to see how much a person will share with you in their books or in their videos.
Overall I thought the book was good, and I definitely think there were things I could relate to in Connor's book such as his fear of missing out and that there are a lot of things I can learn from Connor and his experiences.
I think Connor is one of the youngest YouTubers that has currently brought out a book and I think for a debut novel it was amazing. I am excited to see if Connor will write more books in the future, maybe with more stories, maybe with more lessons he has learned in life. Who knows? I'm just excited to see what he'll come up with next.
~ Courtney x

The Pointless Book 2

Drawing on my Head? | Pages 82, 83, 96 & 97 | The Pointless Book 2


Hey guys!
So today I am here with another Pointless Book 2 blog post! Although I have to say that the YouTube video to go along with this blog post is probably more interesting than the actual blog post...

The first pages I decided to do in this video were pages 82 and 83 and those were the "book on your head challenge" basically I had to put the book on my head and draw some pictures...totally easy right? Haha nope. You actually have no idea where you are meant to be drawing and I know I was filming myself so I could have cheated but I tried not to and so...this is what I ended up with.

As you guys can see, I'm a really great artist haha.
The next two pages that I decided to do were pages 96 and 97, again another artsy thing however this time it was a lot easier because it was a paint by numbers! So there was no way I was gonna mess that one up, unless I read a number wrong and coloured something in the wrong colour but luckily that didn't happen and we ended up with a really nice picture at the end.

What I found with doing the paint by numbers is that, it was actually really relaxing. It took me about half an hour to do the whole thing, and I know you wouldn't think it would because it's colouring in but it took a while and it was a really nice way to spend the night...I don't know, maybe I just long for the days when I was 10 and colouring was an acceptable thing to do in your spare time. Although, I have seen these "adult colouring books" now and I think I'm going to have to buy one for myself sometime, we'll see.
And so, that brings us to the end of another Pointless Book 2 blog post. I hope that you guys liked it, let me know in the comments below what you thought of my drawings, and be honest. It's okay, I can handle it.
~ Courtney x