Trisha Paytas on Celebrity Big Brother!


My original plan was to write a blog post talking about how excited I was that Trisha was on CBB, and how I was looking forward to seeing what kind of housemate she would be. Unfortunately, Trisha decided to call it quits on Big Brother last Friday and has since, headed back to LA. So instead, this will be a post about my thoughts on her short time in the house.
I was super excited to find out that Trisha was going to be on Celebrity Big Brother, she is one of my favourite YouTubers and I have wanted to her to enter the house ever since two years ago when Tila Tequila was kicked out of the house.

A tweet from 2 years ago...

It was definitely going to be a change from seeing her on YouTube, sitting on her kitchen floor, talking to the camera. This time, she would just be living her life and everything would be filmed and edited for her. Which can be scary, especially for someone that is used to controlling what people see of them online. That being said, Trisha has never been one to shy away from showing us her true self on YouTube, so I was looking forward to seeing some of YouTube Trish in the house.
I think we did see some of YouTube Trish come out. Anytime she was in the diary room it felt like she was just vlogging at home. Spilling T on the other housemates and even having a little mukbang when she chose pizza over immunity. Those were definitely some of the highlights for me, as this was the Trisha that I knew.

“Sex will give you STDs, friendships are fake, relationships will cheat on you, family will disown you… Pizza is forever.” — Trisha Paytas, 2017

We also got to see some glam Trish which I was really excited about. I knew she would pack some fabulous outfits, especially to wear on eviction night, so I am glad we got to see some of that. And the outfit she wore when she entered the house was fabulous. I would have loved to see what other clothes she had brought with her to the house. We did often see her in her comfy clothes, which I imagine she brought a lot of too. But I think if I was in the house I would bring more pyjamas than real clothes too.

Trisha entering the house

Then there was Trisha interacting with the other housemates. This was a major thing as Trisha lives alone and isn't used to being around people all the time so it was going to be a big change for her being around people a lot.
Trisha had a lot to say about all the housemates being fake and wanting attention. She was so sick of them all being fake around her and she didn't really get along with any of them. Apart from maybe Chad and Jemma. Two very different people.
Although I feel like Chad tries to be nice and get along with everyone. He was kind of in the middle of the whole Sarah/Trisha thing and I felt bad for him in that. Not to mention he's basically having an affair with Sarah in the house now. I don't have much to say on the situation other than they should just come out and say they have a thing going rather than "just being friends".
Moving on to Jemma's relationship with Trisha. It wasn't great. Mainly because Trisha's hate was kind of fuelled by Jemma. So when they were together it wasn't the best, I definitely don't think that Trisha would have had such an issue with Sarah if it wasn't for Jemma helping. And I think the same thing happened a few days ago with Jemma and Brandi. So Jemma is definitely one to watch, she makes the house interesting.

Trisha and Jemma gossiping

We didn't really get to see Trisha interact that much with many people, aside from Chad, Jemma and Jordan and Sam. Although with Jordan and Sam, Trisha was mainly arguing with them and saying how they were immature children. Which I understand, their behaviour in the house was a bit crazy at times, and they loved to wind people up. Although I feel like there was less of that as they settled into the house.

Trisha telling Sam how it is

But it wasn't all doom and gloom with Trisha in the house, she was shown having some good times in the house with the other housemates. It's always nice when you get to see the housemates getting along, it doesn't happen a lot but when it does it's always a good time. It was especially great to see Trisha having a good time in the house. I would have loved to see her do more tasks while she was in the house, I feel like she would have been great in the cheerleading one.
I do wish we would have seen a reel of Trisha's "best bits" although I'm sure there are plenty of videos on YouTube that people have put together already.
When Trisha decided to leave, after Karthik left I was devastated. I know she was saying how she was going to leave if Sarah stayed because she couldn't stand being around her, but I didn't think she actually would. I mean, maybe it was a good thing she got out as at the time, the Sarah drama had only just begun.

The night Trisha decided to leave the CBB house

Obviously, none of us really know what it is like to be in the Big Brother house unless you have actually been there. But I can imagine it was really tough for Trisha to be shut away from the outside world as she was so used to being online all the time. I also imagine it was tough because she was living in a place she wasn't used to, and things aren't as luxurious in the house as they are back home. Especially because Jordan and Sam broke the rules and they were living on basic rations for a while.
So while I am sad that Trisha decided to leave, I do believe she made the right decision for her. I did watch the videos she made when she left the house and I think her feelings are valid. She explained how she felt in the house and that it wasn't good for her and so she needed to get out. Of course, she will always regret it but at the same time, she can't go back. Not that I think she would want to go back after she found out what the housemates really thought about her.
I feel like I am missing lots of things about Trisha being in the house. I mean, she wasn't there for very long but I felt like I had a lot more to say. Maybe it's because I waited too long to finally make this blog post haha. But yeah, I am sad we didn't get to see more of her in the house. I always got excited to see clips of Trisha, even though there aren't very many, although the first few episodes are pretty Trish-filled.
Oh well, I guess it doesn't matter that they didn't show much of her on TV because you can see so much more of Trisha on her YouTube channel. Which I think is great, I mean you never really hear from people after they leave the Big Brother house, but with Trisha, we heard things ASAP because she was already online and ready to post. I like that she is real and isn't afraid to express her feelings.
I also liked that before Trisha even went into the house you knew the type of person she was going to be because she puts her real self on YouTube.

Trisha's YouTube video after she left the house

I admit that in the house we got a more toned-down Trish in the sense that she wasn't always lively and out there, talking to people. But that's to be expected, when you put yourself on camera you do kind of pep yourself up a little bit more. Aside from that, I think she was mainly her real self. True Trish.
And so, I guess that brings us to the end of this blog post. I admit it probably isn't one of my better posts. I just felt like I had so much more to say before, but now when it actually comes to writing this post I don't even know what to write. I do apologise if this doesn't feel like my usual style of blogging, but I wanted to put my thoughts out there, even in a
I love Trisha, she is a great person, and very entertaining to watch. I think she made the right decision for her when she decided to leave Big Brother. Maybe if she had been in the house with other people it would have been better but at the same time, every season of Big Brother I have seen always has conflict and fights. You're never gonna get along with everyone because that doesn't make for good TV. But yeah, I was hoping Trisha would have stuck it out, I know she tried and I love her for that but sometimes you just gotta go when you gotta go.
Luckily, we will still see more Trisha on her YouTube channel. And if you haven't checked out I recommend you do, because there is more of Trish than what we saw on Big Brother.
As for who I want to win now that Trisha has "sashayed away", I don't know. It's still very much the Sarah-show right now and so it's hard to really think about who could win. Although honestly, I want it to be someone like Helen because she never causes any drama haha. But I guess we see what happens...
~ Courtney x