Well guys, it's the end of another year. And that means it's time for a reflective blog post.
I used to make these blog posts all the time back when I had Bebo. I used to blog about all the big things that happened that year and talk about what I hoped for the next year. I actually think it's a really good thing to do because I like looking back and seeing how far I've come.
This year in particular has been insane. So much has happened and I have no idea where to start with it.
I think I'm going to start chronologically and work my way from there because it seems like it makes the most sense.
So according to my Twitter, 2015 started off quite boring. I was pretty lazy. Which tends to happen when you are off school for Christmas. And even though you have a ton of work to do that's due for when you go back, you always leave it to the last minute. Luckily the work didn't seem to weigh me down too much as I still had time to tweet about it.

On top of trying to get through my a levels, I was also very distracted fandom-wise. Four words. Fifty Shades of Grey. For the first two months of the year I was busy trying to get as much information about the movie as possible. And I was freaking out at every glimpse of Jamie Dornan in a grey suit.
Unfortunately the movie was not all that I had hoped it would be. Yet I still enjoyed it for what it was. And I am still excited for the sequels, even though we will be waiting until 2017 to see Mr Grey again.

The start of 2015 is also when I started this blog! I have had many a blog in my life and I decided that this would be the one that I stuck with, for better or for worse. This would be the one I stuck with. I have taken many different directions with blogs before but I feel good about this one.
The only other blogs that I have had for more than a year are my Tumblr blogs, and while they are great I wanted a more serious blog to post to. One that I could look back on and read like a journal. And so this fabulous blog was born. Here's hoping we make it through another year here and I don't randomly change my mind and start a new one. *Fingers crossed*

2015 also saw the start of my love for Tanner Patrick. His cover of Love Me Like You Do was a related video on my YouTube and I clicked on it on a whim. Best decision I ever made. Since then I have been loving Tanner's music and have been an active part of his fandom since around March maybe the end of February. He's a talented musician and I would definitely recommend that everyone check him out.

In April, I was introduced to the show RuPaul's Drag Race and that opened me up to the world of drag queens. I have to say that I love it. I find it so fascinating and I enjoy the show a lot. Everything about it is just fabulous. From the drag queens themselves, to their amazing costumes, to the challenges, to the shady drama. It's all very entertaining and so much fun to watch. I also think it's interesting to learn about drag culture and how much people give up to do something that they love like drag. It's an amazing commitment, and I commend anyone who does it because it's amazing.
After that, school was stressful as we headed towards exam time and the end of an era. Officially leaving secondary school was a huge accomplishment this year. I didn't think I would make it haha. It's crazy to think I left school seven months ago. I don't even feel as if I really left. It just felt like the natural next step which was good.
If I had to say anything about my time at school I would say it was good. I know that it wasn't always that great. There were always stressful times and you didn't always get along with everybody in your class but overall I had a good school experience. I worked hard, got the grades I needed and made some amazing friends I know I'll have for life. And some really great memories but also some not so great ones. Like I said, it wasn't perfect but I had a good time there.

Once exams were over and I hung up uniform for good summer had officially started.
Over summer, I decided to put my focus on YouTube and begin posting videos on a regular basis. I aimed to post five videos a week, one for every weekday. It was a challenge, but I did enjoy posting regular content to my channel. I felt like I was being productive with my time rather than just sitting around playing Animal Crossing.

During the summer I also started watching two new TV shows, Orange is the New Black and Young and Hungry. Both really enjoyable shows. Both completely different. I'm really excited to see where they go with the new seasons.
Another big event that happened in June was that marriage equality was brought to the US as gay marriage was legalised in all fifty states. That was a really big step for the world and I couldn't be happier about it.

June was also the month where I turned 18. However, I don't feel any different than I did when I was any other age haha. Are we supposed to feel really different when we hit a big milestone age? I never have. I just feel the same, it's just that now I say I'm 18 when people ask me my age hahaha.

I also went on holiday with my friends in the summer. We rented a house for the week in Portrush and it was a lot of fun. I did manage to vlog a little bit when I was there and I got to spend some quality time with all of my friends before we went to university. It was very memorable and I'm sure we will be planning many more group holidays in the future.

The rest of the summer was spent playing Sims or working on YouTube. I still made the occasional plans with friends to keep in touch too. All of this was just a distraction from the approach of results day.
Results day was pretty nerve wracking. It's the moment when you find out if you are going to university or not. I tried to remain pretty calm about the whole thing but there was a tiny part of me that was worried that I didn't do as well as I thought I did.

Luckily I didn't have to worry much because I was able to get the results I needed to go to university.
That's when the real nerves started to kick in.
I was about to start the next chapter in my life. I was going to be in a new place with new people...I didn't even know if I would like my course.
Something else I knew that would really suck would be my friends leaving to go to university. I had went from spending everyday with them to never seeing them. It was an adjustment to say the least.
I was so happy that my transition from school to university was pretty smooth. Like I said, it felt like the next natural step for my life to go in. And I am so grateful for that. I know a lot of people that go to university because they were told to rather than that they wanted to and it doesn't always end up going so well. So if you are thinking about further education then it has to be your choice, someone else shouldn't be making the decision for you.

So for the past few months my life has been all about getting used to university and trying to make sure that I balance everything in my life again. Since starting university, my everyday life has changed dramatically and so I need to establish a new routine.
I have really enjoyed everything that university has been able to offer me so far. I have made some new friends, while still being able to keep in touch with my old ones. I find my course interesting and I am enjoying what I am learning. And I have been enjoying university nightlife.

Also during this time I was also trying to keep up with my TV shows. Most of them return after summer break in the autumn and so I always had to make time for them. In particular I have really been enjoying Nashville and The Vampire Diaries. I also decided to start watching Scream Queens this year as there is no more Glee to look forward to.
This year, my TV shows have really been on point. They have been so good lately that I really can't get enough of them. And I haven't even mentioned Pretty Little Liars in this post yet. Y'all know about how much I have been freaking out about Pretty Little Liars this year. It's been insane.

The latest TV show that I have gotten hooked on is 90210. I started to watch it just before Christmas and am almost finished with season 2. I wasn't sure what to think of it at the start but I have really gotten into it and am really enjoying it so I'm excited to see where that goes. I know the show is over now but I prefer to watch shows like that so I can binge-watch it all in one go. Waiting for new episodes of TV shows sucks.

And finally, the last big thing I can really think of that I have done this year is Vlogmas. If you don't know what Vlogmas is, it is when YouTubers vlog for 24 days leading up to Christmas from the 1st of December to Christmas Eve. It's actually not as easy as it looks to produce daily content like that. I was always staying up ridiculously late at night to make sure my vlogs were edited and uploaded for the appropriate times.
But I have to say it was definitely worth it. I really like vlogs because it's just another way to capture memories and look back on them. So I felt really accomplished about that because I thought that I was going to get through the first few days of Vlogmas and then quit.

So overall, it has been a successful and productive year for me. It's probably been one of the years in my life where I have experienced the most change. It hasn't always been plain sailing though, like everyone I have my ups and downs, good days and bad days. But I would say that the good definitely outweighed the bad this year.
I am definitely looking forward to next year and all that it will bring. I have no expectations at all other than I just need to keep doing my best and see what happens. And of course I will keep you all filled in on anything big that happens.
So thank you so much for reading, I hope you all had a wonderful 2015 and that 2016 will be equally as wonderful. Or if your 2015 wasn't so great that 2016 is your year and that it is so much better to you than last year. At the end of the day, I think the year is only as good as you can make it. Things might not always go your way but I think if you keep trying and don't give up then life can be amazing.
Happy New Year guys! Make it count!

~ Courtney x


Merry Christmas!


❄️ Merry Christmas Everyone! ❄️

I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas and that you get everything that you want from Santa!
If you don't celebrate Christmas, then I still hope that you have a great day and are able to spend it doing something you love.
My Christmas gift to you all is first of all, that photo of me above. That is indeed a snapchat filter thing. Looking fabulous.
Secondly, I wanted to let you guys know I have officially completed vlogmas 2015! Yes, that's right I vlogged for 24 days straight. I'm very proud of myself for doing so because I could have just given up and been lazy but no I stuck it out.
So if you are interested in seeing what December was like for a first year uni student who is not so festive then please feel free to look at the following playlist:
Once again Merry Christmas guys! And I hope you have a fabulous day!
~ Courtney x


Attempting Vlogmas!


Hey guys,
So I just wanted to make a quick little blog post to tell you that I am attempting Vlogmas this year!
If you don't know what Vlogmas is, it is the name that YouTubers give to their daily vlogs in December as they vlog from the 1st to the 24th December. And this year I have decided to try and take part.
I did attempt Vlogmas last year too, however it was not very exciting. I was so bogged down with school work that 99% of my vlog was me complaining about all the school work I had to do which is not fun.
Vlogmas vlogs are supposed to be festive and happy and so this year I really want to try and make my vlogs festive. So I hope that you guys will join me and get into the Christmas spirit because I really believe that this year I can pull off a really festive Vlogmas!
Earlier I uploaded Vlogmas day 1 to my YouTube channel so check it out below! (And don't forget to subscribe so you know when I post a new vlog!)

~ Courtney x


Finding Balance


Hey guys,
So today I wanted to talk about balance. Mainly trying to find a way to balance your life so you aren't spending too much time on one thing.
I have always had a problem when it came to balancing in my life. Specifically when it came to balancing school work and slacking off and having fun. I either do too much school work and nothing else or I just do nothing for ages and then feel super lazy.
And since I have been at uni this hasn't gotten any easier. In fact, it's a lot harder than ever to maintain some sort of balance.
I'm sure you guys have all seen the photo of student life and all the things we have to balance:

It's kind of insane.
Lately, I have definitely spent a lot of time going out with friends and enjoying myself. Which is definitely a huge part of student life. You are finally old enough to drink and go to clubs and so it's exciting and new so you go out a lot.
Yet, on the other hand, you also have a lot more work to be doing and deadlines and assignments and it can be a lot sometimes.
And of course, there is budgeting money if you are living away from home and trying to manage adult responsibilities like cooking and cleaning and the problems that come with living with roommates.
It's such a crazy time in your life.
And so yes it has definitely been a huge adjustment for me. I definitely feel as though I am doing so much more than I was at secondary school. Especially in going out with friends but also with university work.
It's kind of crazy how exhausted you can be from just a couple of hours of class a day. Meanwhile when you were in secondary school you were doing six hours of school, five days a week but now it seems next to impossible to turn up to a 9 a.m lecture.
If anything I know that you will never find the perfect balance of life. You are always bound to spend too much time focusing on one aspect of your life to let the other parts of your life suffer. It happens. There's no stopping that.
But what you can do is realise there is an imbalance and work on trying to even things out again. And not to beat yourself up about it too much.
Lately for me I would say I have taken the time to overindulge in sleeping and socialising and have not paid as much attention to uni work as I know I should  have been doing. So since then I have been working hard to keep up the workload of uni. But at the same time I will still find time to go out and see my friends and spend time with them because that's an important part of life too.
You just have to find a happy medium that works for you and it might take a while to achieve but I think you can do it if you really try.
Unless it's about getting enough sleep because that's just something I have never been able to achieve haha. I sleep too much or I sleep too little there's never usually an in between. But again, I just need to work on that.
But other than that I'd say I have a good balance going on. I go out with friends about once a week and I attend all my classes and work on things when I need to. I also remember that is important not to overwork yourself. You can take a break from life every so often and not do anything.
I fully support those days that you just decide to take off and do nothing. It's a really nice way to spend the day, especially when you have been working really hard. So I definitely think it's important to have that time to yourself too.
I think that's all I really have to say on the topic. It's just been something I have been thinking about lately because I have really been struggling to find a good balance. Which is to be expected when going through big changes but I think I have found my happy medium again. And I hope that you guys reading find your balance. It just means you are living a more well-rounded life and that your life isn't always focused on one thing because there's so much more to life than that.
So yeah, I hope that you enjoyed reading this blog post. I wasn't really expecting to talk about it in a serious way but I guess I did. I mean it is important to have balance in your life rather than focus too much on one thing. Because life's too short for that.
Anyway, like I said I hope you enjoyed reading and I hope that you are able to find your "happy medium" in life :)
~ Courtney x


Happy Halloween!


🎃 Happy Halloween guys! 🎃
I just wanted to make a quick little blog post to celebrate the night. I hope you're all having a fun and spooky night. And I hope you all stay safe!
I have never really understood the fun of Halloween after you are told you are too old to trick-or-treat but lately I have. It's so much fun to get dressed up and go out with friends, I went on a pub crawl the other night and it was really cool to see everyone that dressed up for the occasion. I particularly enjoy seeing people who have put a lot of effort into their Halloween costumes, to me it's not enough to put some fake blood on, you gotta go all out.
That being said, there is also nothing wrong with staying in and having a scary movie marathon. Sometimes it's also good just to stay in and enjoy not freezing outside in a costume made of thin material.
I don't usually have Halloween plans, but this year I did go out and celebrate so that meant I got to buy a costume! Yay! It's really hard to find costumes for girls that aren't revealing though I think mine is pretty fab.

So what do you guys think? I think I made an awesome crayon. And no one else was dressed up as one so I felt special. :P
What did you guys do for Halloween? Were you dressed up, if so what as?
~ Courtney x


Student Life...So Far


Hey guys,
So today I thought I would give you an insight into my student life so far. I wouldn't say it's the most exciting thing in the world, but it's definitely a huge change from school.
After the whirlwind that was Fresher's Week, classes began and I had to develop a new routine for myself. Which I have to say, was harder than expected.
With university, the timetabling for classes can be very awkward. Especially for me. My timetable goes something like this:

Monday 9-6
Tuesday 11-6
Wednesday 9-11
Thursday 3-4
Friday 1-4
Doesn't sound like the nicest timetable in the world does it? One thing I will say though is that even though I am in all day on Monday and Tuesday, I am not constantly in class. I get breaks!
Even though my timetable sounds horrible it's not as bad as it seems. I mean over the past month I have been adjusting quite well and have established some sort of routine for myself.
Mainly for me, if I'm not in class I am in the Student's Union. If you don't know what that is, it is a place with shops and areas for students and extracurricular clubs to meet. It is also a source of information for student's and holds events from time to time. I spend a lot of time there because I don't live on campus and can't go home between classes. But the Student's Union has quickly become a second home. I know some people prefer to go to the library between classes to work but for me, I can't work in that silence. And the Student's Union has just the right level of noise that is enough you can still work there.
Other than that, I do spend a lot of time in classes. Which was to be expected for my course. I knew going into it that I was going to have to work hard and so far I have. Overall the course hasn't been so bad. I find the pace easy enough to keep up with and I haven't been having too many difficulties.
I have had a few problems with programming (which if you follow me on Twitter, you know all about) but I have been working on it a lot and I understand things better now. Considering I have never coded before in my life, I think I'm doing well. Which is a great because I wouldn't want to be failing out of uni in the first year.
We are also learning about databases right now and since I studied that at a level it's nothing to worry about. We are also doing another module which is also new to me but is easy to understand.
As for homework...I don't get any.
I know, it sounds great, but we always have work to do even if it's not set homework. If, like me, you have never programmed before it is best to practice programming at home and do the recommended reading. Otherwise, it can be hard to keep up with class. So I always have something to do even when it seems like I have nothing to do.
 Even though we don't have set homework, we do have assessments. These are things that count towards are final grades so we have to work for those. But like I said, so far everything is fine. No major problems so far.
Moving away from school and talking about the other half of student life....socializing!
If you guys read my Fresher's Week blog post then you know I met a lot of new people on the first week of university and luckily for me, I have made friends with them. I am so glad that we had to do team building on the first day because otherwise I would find it so hard to talk to people. Especially because I am staying at home for university, I don't have the advantage of meeting new people in university accommodation.
So I now have a small group of people in my lectures that I know and we all sit in our little area in the lecture hall which is fab. It also means that I have friends that understand the ups and downs of my course and that I can talk to about it. Which I appreciate because my other friends don't understand anything I say about computing haha.
It is so great to be around new people. Especially when you have been going to school with the same people for seven years. It is also amazing to find new friends who have similar interests to you. One of the first people that I became friends with also loves RuPaul's Drag Race and that's when I knew we were going to be great friends.
It's things like that that make me really happy.
As for going out and partying...I haven't been out much since Fresher's Week. I mean I am not one for going out a lot anyway but as a student it's a rite of passage to go out and party. Which isn't for everyone. But for the vast majority of student's it is.
For me, I feel I am somewhere in the middle. I can appreciate a good night out, but I can also appreciate a night in a whole lot more. So I have enjoyed the occasional night out since Fresher's and it's been a well-needed break from class and coming home every night.
When I am not at university I do prefer to stay home rather than go out most of the time anyway. Mainly because after spending so much time at university I just want to sleep! Haha. One of the downsides to being a student is that sleep can sometimes be lacking. And I know it's no one else's fault but my own. Especially when I don't live with noisy roommates and I'm in my quiet house haha. But oh can't be a student without sacrificing something.
On a whole, university so far has been amazing. At first I was a little bit unsure about the choice of studying Software Engineering in case I didn't like it but honestly, I don't regret it at all. We have been getting so many talks and emails about the opportunities that are available to us and it makes me super excited for the future. Which is something I thought I would never say.
So if I've learnt anything from being at university so far, it's that you need to follow your passion. Because if you don't you won't enjoy it. You study what you want and it will motivate you to do the rest. It sounds really cheesy, but it's true. If you make choices for you and not for others you will be happier. Because I don't think I would be fine with studying anything else and I don't think I've made a huge mistake either.
I'm content with how things are going and I'm just excited to see where they go next. :) Thanks so much for reading, and I will keep you updated as the school year progresses.
~ Courtney x

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer First Impressions


Hey guys!
So today I am going to be giving you my first impressions on Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. For those of you who don't know, Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is a spin-off game in the Animal Crossing series. And being super obsessed with Animal Crossing meant, I needed to get this game right away.

It has currently been in my possession for three days and I am already obsessed. I tend to get hooked on Animal Crossing games right from the get-go. There's something about them that I can't resist, they are just so adorable and easy to play so I just get sucked in. And this was no exception.
Since this is a spin-off game is has a lot less content than a main Animal Crossing game. I mean the main goal of this game is to design houses. That's really it. Nothing else to it. You can also design the shops/facilities in the town area which is known as Main Street. But other than designing this game doesn't have a lot else going for it. So if you are considering getting an Animal Crossing game that's something worth noting.
At first I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about this game. If I'm honest I kind of thought I would get bored of it right away. But that's not the case. I mean I play a lot of Sims and so I do like designing houses and things but something about this game gave me the impression I would play it for two days and get bored. I actually find this game really satisfying to play. Which is kind of the feeling I get with every Animal Crossing game.
There's just something really peaceful about designing animals' homes. It's really cute and I love seeing the villagers' interact with their new surroundings. It is definitely a different approach to the Animal Crossing series. But I love it.
For one thing, it is so much easier to create houses in the way you want to in this game. Which is obviously one of it's major selling points. If you have ever decorated a house in Animal Crossing then you know the pain of putting something out and dragging it around the room trying to get it into the right position. With this game, you are able to place furniture with a touch of a stylus.
Another thing I really love is the new additions to furniture. We can now place rugs, hang lights from the ceilings, and even change our curtains and windows. I like these little touches because they can add so much more to a room than before.
On top of these new additions I have noticed there has been a whole load of new items added to the catalogue which is to be expected for a home designer game.
Something I was most excited about when I heard about the game was the addition of designing the exterior of the house as well as the interior. In past Animal Crossing games we haven't been able to place furniture outside with the exception of Animal Crossing: New leaf public works projects. So this was something I was really excited about. I like having that extra bit of freedom.
A house I designed by the sea
One thing that is annoying with exterior design is that you can't rotate the houses. They are always facing forward which isn't great when you want the villager to live on the beach and their house looks like it's going to be whisked away by the sea. You also can't rotate the camera outside to see things from different angles which again is quite limiting.
A school classroom
I have also really enjoyed building the facilities in Main Street. Mainly because you are given so much space to create these rooms. In previous games, if you wanted to create a school themed room you would have to do it in your tiny house. Now, we can create them in an appropriately sized room and make them look any way we want to.
While I enjoy this overall game concept as a whole, it does have it's flaws.
For example, I am not a huge fan of the item catalogue interface. I find it really tedious to swipe to each new page of items. I wish we had a scroll bar at the bottom to make it faster to find items. I know you can search with the search feature, but I like to look through all my items to make sure I have used everything I want to when designing a house.
I also don't like that this game doesn't run in real-time like all other Animal Crossing games. We now have to save every time we are done creating a house. Which wouldn't bother me but it's the fact you have to keep going all the way to your desk. I know in past Animal Crossing games we would have to go to the attic to save, but even then we had the option of pressing start to save from wherever we were. Once we save it turns into a new day in the Happy Home Designer game, which to me just wastes a lot more time. Although it does teach younger children the importance of saving your game. But Animal Crossing has always stressed the importance of saving your game with the character Resetti.
Oh and I also dislike how we have to wear the red Happy Home blazer all the time. You can change your clothes if you are visiting a house or facility but any other time you have to wear the blazer. You can however accessorise your uniform with other clothing items and accessories.
As for the amiibo cards...I did end up buying a couple of packets of them as well as an amiibo card reader as I will use them in the future but so far I have only used one. I can see the appeal of them as many people will want to collect their favourite villagers and I believe it's the only way you are able to design a house for a special character such as Isabelle. However, I do feel like if you are on the fence about getting amiibo then don't. It isn't worth it if you are not up to the challenge of collecting all of the cards. Amiibo cards aren't essential to the game either so you can still enjoy the game without having them.
I also can see how having an amiibo card reader can be a hassle if you are travelling and want to bring your amiibo cards. It's just an extra thing to carry around. And you do need to get an amiibo card reader if you don't have a new 3DS but want to use the amiibo. So there's that to think about too.
But overall I am really enjoying this game. I have already created half of the facilities on Main Street and am well on my way to designing homes for every villager in town. So despite the few little issues I have with the game I definitely recommend it if you enjoy designing things. Plus, the cuteness of Animal Crossing is definitely a major selling point for me.
So those were all my thoughts on Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer! I hope that you guys enjoyed this post. If you guys want to see more of my Happy Home Designs then follow my Animal Crossing Tumblr:
And if you are interested in seeing the unboxing of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer with the amiibo card reader and some amiibo cards then check out my video below:

~ Courtney xx


Team Jerrah! | CBB UK vs USA


Hey guys,

It has been a while since I last blogged about Celebrity Big Brother and that's because I have mostly been tweeting about the show. So if you guys want to get up to date thoughts on this season of Celebrity Big Brother then definitely follow me on Twitter.
Anyway, moving on to what I really wanted to talk about.
The fake double-elimination and all the fallout from that.
I think we knew things were going to blow up when Farrah and Jenna got fake evicted and then came back into the house. I mean isn't that why we voted for them to be fake evicted in the first place?
I loved it.

So over the past couple of days Farrah and Jenna have been living it up in a luxury suite where they have been spying on the other housemates. Big Brother has been calling on them and asking them to nominate housemates for eviction. What they didn't know was that the housemates knew they were spying on them and that everyone they put up for eviction was actually immune.
It seemed kind of crazy, but I was on board, mainly because it meant seeing a lot of Jenna and Farrah having one on one time. We almost got to see how things were without Jenna and Farrah. Which I have to admit was nice, but pretty boring.
If I'm honest, I'm totally team Jerrah. I love them. Their friendship is another one that I have enjoyed watching in the house as well as James and Austin's. I just think it's nice that they have each other because everyone else in the house hates them. Apart from Scoop. Scoop seems to get on with everyone and is super chill. I like him.
So I was kind of expecting everyone to party when Farrah and Jenna left. I feel like we were all expecting that. I didn't know how big of a spectacle it was going to be, but I mean Austin definitely took it OTT. Dancing on the bed and singing and everything. What I was surprised about was Stevi getting involved...I didn't think that was his kind of thing.
After that, the house was a bit dull. I mean I don't know. Maybe it's just because of how little we see on the highlights. I feel like I should also be watching the live feeds so I get more insight into the house. But there's only so much Big Brother I can take in one day.
What I will say though is that the talent show was...something. It wasn't much of a talent show when half of the people couldn't really show their talents. Austin is a reality star and doesn't have a lot of talent. James and Janice just talked about their talents and I don't even know what Sherrie was doing. Also, Stevi and Chloe Jasmine's performance was not the best. I was expecting them to be good because they were on the X Factor, but it really wasn't...I also wasn't a huge fan of Bobby's impressions of Farrah and Jenna, his Alan Carr one was on point, though.

Bobby Davro's impression of Jenna Jameson

Once housemates found out about Jenna and Farrah it was time for the gloves to come off. Natasha, Austin and Bobby didn't have to do anything because they were already immune. As for everyone else, I have to say Sherrie of all people really stepped up. I was really glad she said something. Mainly because we haven't seen her on screen a lot so people often forget about her. So go, Sherrie!
Stevi tried to step it up and say mean things about Jenna and Farrah, but he doesn't seem like the type who could be nasty like that. Plus, he and Chloe Jasmine seem to be fighting recently. Mainly because of the task of whether they should have said mean things about Farrah and Jenna. What I really think it is is that Chloe Jasmine is feeling scared in case her and Stevi leave the house. Yet she wouldn't want to bad mouth someone just to stay.
I feel like Stevi is more likely to do whatever it takes to win. Which I guess is why everyone in the house prefers him to Chloe Jasmine. He seems to really want to win while Chloe Jasmine doesn't seem fussed on it. Like she would rather have her relationship and her reputation in tact when she left the house which is totally understandable.

When Jenna and Farrah came back to the house and found out about the twist, Jenna was not pleased. I mean Jenna definitely takes the game too seriously sometimes. Compared to the UK housemates I do think the whole USA team take this game more seriously. Jenna in particular. She has a whole game plan. That's why I think she'll make it to the end. As for Farrah, she seemed totally unfazed. Her smile didn't even falter although inside I know she was probably super mad.
They thought they were going to get rid of all the people they nominated, but they are stuck with them. And on top of that the fighting started right away...
Also, it was Bobby's birthday! To me, it seems pretty crappy to spend your birthday in the Big Brother house, but at least he got to celebrate! Maybe not with the people he wanted to, but it'll definitely be a memorable birthday.
Now, moving onto the nominations for eviction this week...
Scoop - He's the only one in the house who can deal with Jenna and Farrah. But at the same time he doesn't bring a lot to the house. Apart from his one song that they like to blast into the house every so often...I can't see a lot of people voting to save him, but I hope they do.
Gail - While yes, the house would be a pigsty if she left, I feel like she needs to go home. Only because I feel like the housemates don't appreciate all the cleaning that she does. I also feel it would be good for her to get away from the drama.
Stevi and Chloe Jasmine - They have been up for eviction every time so far. Chloe Jasmine is amazed they're still in the house. I was at the start too but since they stopped all of their PDA I feel like they have a chance of making it to the end. Although it depends on if they keep fighting or not. I'm not sure how everyone feels about them right now.

Janice - She is confusing me. At first she was a real diva but then she sort of settled in. Recently she has been very chill and not started any conflict in the house. Surprisingly she became very close with Stevi and Chloe Jasmine. I never expected that. Although at the same time she was quick to turn nasty towards Jenna and Farrah. So I'm not sure where I stand with her. Yet I think she'll stay a little bit longer.

And so that brings us to the end of this Celebrity Big Brother blog post! Since it is a double eviction this week I feel like anyone could go. I don't see anyone desperately calling to save any of them but at the same time I feel like each of the housemates have their own little fanbase. We'll just have to see which one has the fewest amount of fans.
Thanks so much for reading this blog post. If you guys want to know more about what I think of the housemates then check out the YouTube video down below. It gives more insight into how I feel now that we have been well acquainted with our housemates this season. And like I said earlier you can always follow me on Twitter to get all of my thoughts on the show in real time.

~ Courtney x


CBB: Week 1 Eviction Nominees


Hey guys,
I feel like I'm going to be making a lot of posts about Big Brother this year. Today I want to talk about nominations. It's interesting to see who was up for nomination. There were the two I expected to be nominated and then everyone else that was nominated seemed like a bit of a shock haha.
So without further ado here are the nominees for this week's eviction:

Chris Ellison - This surprised me. Although he was only nominated by Jenna because they don't talk very much and he was also nominated by Scoop because Scoop says he reminds him a bit of his dad hahaha. So really I think he'll end up staying. Nothing to worry about there.
Daniel Baldwin - I was really surprised about Daniel. I know a lot of people said he is very loud and doesn't really care about others opinions but I haven't really seen that. I mean, if you aren't in the middle of a fight on the show then you kind of don't really exist because the camera doesn't show you a lot.
I know he made that comment about Janice being in the bedroom and packing but that's the only negative thing I've seen of him, and as for being loud...I've seen Scoop be louder...

Stevi Richie and Chloe Jasmine - At first I was surprised but then not really. I mean...they are annoying. Mainly because they are never away from each other and always complaining they can't be intimate. And it's so rare to see them apart, in fact in the last episode they were apart quite a bit and that is the most I have ever seen them apart.
But then there was Stevi accusing Chloe Jasmine of making eyes at James, what even was that? Like really? I guess it goes along the lines of Chloe Jasmine being annoyed with Stevi for being in a bath with Jenna and Farrah. It's really stupid. Especially when in the last episode we saw Chloe Jasmine and Stevi all over each other, and Chloe Jasmine was even putting makeup on Stevi and trimming his ear hair....if that isn't true love I don't know what is.

Farrah Abraham - Of course Farrah was gonna be up for nomination. I had no doubts about this. She started a lot of conflict in the house and every time she speaks it's confusing. Like I don't know how she forms her sentences, and then when she's in a fight and doesn't have a proper argument she just continues to call people names. So it's kind of obvious why everyone wants her to leave the house.
As for my personal opinion, I kind of don't want her to go. I know she's annoying and everyone in the house can't stand her but I think if she goes it won't be as interesting to watch.

Jenna Jameson - A little surprised. I know Jenna has started some things but like...definitely not as much as Austin. I feel like Jenna is very chill about everything, unless you come for her kosher food. But I mean we're all a little sensitive about sharing food so it's understandable. Other than the food thing she's been fine and you know if she were to go and Farrah were to stay then Farrah would have no one to talk to. I feel like Jenna is the only one that can stand her sometimes haha.

Janice Dickinson - This wasn't a surprise. Janice is annoying as anything. I mean, yes, I felt bad for her when she got stung by a bee/wasp and had an allergic reaction. None of us could have predicted that. After that happened, she seemed to become more friendly and I assume it's because she realised karma's a bitch but then when she tried to get out of helping everyone else clean up it was just so annoying. I get that she might not like being bossed around and, therefore, doesn't listen but all the USA housemates are in the same boat on this task, so if she could just cooperate that'd be great.
I just don't like the way Janice is always just around and listening to other people's drama. I mean when that Farrah, James and Austin thing exploded she but in and made things worse. So I really wouldn't miss her if she were to go.

And so, those are our eviction nominees. I'm excited to see what will happen and who goes home. If anything I'd prefer if Janice or Stevi and Chloe Jasmine got evicted. They are the ones I have the most problems with, everyone else I can tolerate, but I guess we just see what the public decides.
One thing I will say is that I'm surprised they aren't actually airing Celebrity Big Brother in the US too because it's UK vs USA. I know that it is technically UK Celebrity Big Brother but because they chose to make a big deal about UK vs USA I was sure they'd air it in the US and let them vote too. Although I suppose that'd be hard to keep count of voting and things...I don't know.
Other than that, I'm excited to see how the USA housemates deal with waiting hand and foot on the UK celebrities. I know they aren't exactly thrilled about it and Janice is against doing most of the work but I wonder if they'll be able to pull it off...
~ Courtney x
All photos from the Channel 5 CBB website.


First Impressions on CBB's UK vs USA Housemates


Hey guys!
So today I am giving you my first impressions on this year's Celebrity Big Brother housemates. Now it's been about four years since I watched Big Brother, I used to be a big fan of it when I was younger when they showed it on Channel 4...Chantelle and Preston were my OTP back then haha. Since then, the show has moved to Channel 5 and I lost interest.
But this year, when I heard that Farrah Abraham was making an appearance I decided to give it a go. Mainly because Shane Dawson is obsessed with her and talks about her non-stop on his podcast so I wanted to see what she was like on TV. Although I have to say, I'm excited for this season of Big Brother. It has a lot of promise.
Anyway, let's get on to the fun part, judging the celebs:

Austin Armacost - never heard of him before Big Brother, but he is easily a favourite. His bromance with James is very enjoyable to watch, I like that they have bonded so quickly. So far he hasn't caused any conflict in the house and so to me, he's a really nice and likeable guy.

Bobby Davro - I have no idea who he is. Also, he hasn't been on screen a lot so I don't have a lot to say about him. He seems pretty quiet other than when he entered the house. I wonder what kind of special roles he'll have as prime minister of the house.
Chris Ellison - Again no clue who he is, this is a running theme in CBB, I never know the celebrities haha. Again, he doesn't have a lot of screen time so I can't say a lot about him. The UK housemates all seem to be a lot more quiet and reserved compared to the USA housemates.
Daniel Baldwin - From what I've seen he's probably one of the least controversial USA housemates. He's very chill about everything and that's what I like about him. He doesn't want any drama so he stays away from it.
Farrah Abraham - Wow. She really does give you a first impression. From the first night, she was already starting something with Natasha, and then the next night it was James. She was definitely a sore loser after the first night, so maybe Natasha was right to send her to the for the thing with James, I have no idea what that was even about. I feel like Farrah blew that out of proportion. Like the only person I think that can tolerate Farrah properly is Jenna haha.

Gail Porter - Someone I recognise other than Farrah! Took me a while but I recognised her from when she presented on the Gadget Show. Gail is a super nice housemate, however, I really feel like she's letting Janice take advantage of her...Like girl, you should not be making that woman's bed when she's out smoking. No girl, just no.
James Hill - Another person who is easily liked. James is so sweet. I like him a lot. He definitely doesn't want to start conflict in the house and will go out of his way to make sure he's on good terms with everyone. Again, I love the bromance between him and Austin, super cute. And I know if Tila had stayed in the house James would be in so much trouble haha. I liked what had started between Tila and James, sad we never got to see what that could have been.

Janice Dickinson - I don't like her. I thought she was cool to begin with, but that quickly changed. I feel like she also is someone who will make a bigger deal out of something than it needs to be. I mean the way she started that whole thing with Jenna was just rude. And there was that thing with Austin...And the way she's getting everyone else to do things for her. I get that she's older than some housemates but like...girl...unpack your  own bags, don't ask someone else to make your bed...
Jenna Jameson - I like her. She's really chill. Plus she doesn't want to start shit if she doesn't have to. I think she's being really smart about the whole thing. And she seems to get along with everyone in the house so that's always a plus.
Natasha Hamilton - I liked Atomic Kitten back in the day but never learnt any of their individual names haha. She's kind of disappeared off the radar since the whole Farrah thing from the first night. I think she realised what she started and backed down because who can be bothered with that drama. So I'm interested to see if something happens with her again, I imagine it will because she seems very opinionated.

Fatman Scoop - Another chill guy. He understands everyone's gotta do what they gotta do. He gives great girl advice to James haha. He also gives good advice to other housemates on occasion. Plus he stresses the importance of having your own bed in the house. I like him.
Sherrie Hewson - I've seen her on Loose Women. She's another person who hasn't had a lot of camera time, but I sense she's going to be nice to everyone in the house and avoid conflict. Which a lot of the older housemates seem to be doing. Which is fine, it just makes them seem a bit boring.
Stevi Richie & Chloe Jasmine - I don't know why they are counted as one housemate. I don't see how that's fair when team USA only have five housemates now that Tila got kicked out. Also, they are kind of annoying, I'm not all about that PDA. I get that they are a couple and in love, but to see them always together and kissing and I can appreciate it every once in a while, but I agree with Jenna and Farrah on this one. It's just not good. Plus they're already sexually frustrated and have only been in the house for four will they cope two weeks from now?

Tila Tequila - I liked her. I have heard her name before but never really knew who she was. From what we saw of her I could see she was going to be a problem for James haha. I can only imagine how that would have went if she had stayed in the house. As for her being kicked out of the house for something she said years ago...I think Big Brother should have done their homework before letting her into the house in the first place. Plus, haven't we all said stupid things online at one point or another?
And so those are my first impressions on this season's CBB housemates! I'm sure these opinions will change as the show goes on because we are still in the early stages, but I'm excited! As for being team UK or team USA, I feel like I have to be team UK because I live in the UK but to be honest I find the USA housemates much more entertaining, so we'll see if that changes in the future. Look out for update blog posts in the future on the show, because some thoughts are just too long for 140 characters.
~ Courtney xx
All photos from the Channel 5 CBB website.