First Impressions on CBB's UK vs USA Housemates


Hey guys!
So today I am giving you my first impressions on this year's Celebrity Big Brother housemates. Now it's been about four years since I watched Big Brother, I used to be a big fan of it when I was younger when they showed it on Channel 4...Chantelle and Preston were my OTP back then haha. Since then, the show has moved to Channel 5 and I lost interest.
But this year, when I heard that Farrah Abraham was making an appearance I decided to give it a go. Mainly because Shane Dawson is obsessed with her and talks about her non-stop on his podcast so I wanted to see what she was like on TV. Although I have to say, I'm excited for this season of Big Brother. It has a lot of promise.
Anyway, let's get on to the fun part, judging the celebs:

Austin Armacost - never heard of him before Big Brother, but he is easily a favourite. His bromance with James is very enjoyable to watch, I like that they have bonded so quickly. So far he hasn't caused any conflict in the house and so to me, he's a really nice and likeable guy.

Bobby Davro - I have no idea who he is. Also, he hasn't been on screen a lot so I don't have a lot to say about him. He seems pretty quiet other than when he entered the house. I wonder what kind of special roles he'll have as prime minister of the house.
Chris Ellison - Again no clue who he is, this is a running theme in CBB, I never know the celebrities haha. Again, he doesn't have a lot of screen time so I can't say a lot about him. The UK housemates all seem to be a lot more quiet and reserved compared to the USA housemates.
Daniel Baldwin - From what I've seen he's probably one of the least controversial USA housemates. He's very chill about everything and that's what I like about him. He doesn't want any drama so he stays away from it.
Farrah Abraham - Wow. She really does give you a first impression. From the first night, she was already starting something with Natasha, and then the next night it was James. She was definitely a sore loser after the first night, so maybe Natasha was right to send her to the for the thing with James, I have no idea what that was even about. I feel like Farrah blew that out of proportion. Like the only person I think that can tolerate Farrah properly is Jenna haha.

Gail Porter - Someone I recognise other than Farrah! Took me a while but I recognised her from when she presented on the Gadget Show. Gail is a super nice housemate, however, I really feel like she's letting Janice take advantage of her...Like girl, you should not be making that woman's bed when she's out smoking. No girl, just no.
James Hill - Another person who is easily liked. James is so sweet. I like him a lot. He definitely doesn't want to start conflict in the house and will go out of his way to make sure he's on good terms with everyone. Again, I love the bromance between him and Austin, super cute. And I know if Tila had stayed in the house James would be in so much trouble haha. I liked what had started between Tila and James, sad we never got to see what that could have been.

Janice Dickinson - I don't like her. I thought she was cool to begin with, but that quickly changed. I feel like she also is someone who will make a bigger deal out of something than it needs to be. I mean the way she started that whole thing with Jenna was just rude. And there was that thing with Austin...And the way she's getting everyone else to do things for her. I get that she's older than some housemates but like...girl...unpack your  own bags, don't ask someone else to make your bed...
Jenna Jameson - I like her. She's really chill. Plus she doesn't want to start shit if she doesn't have to. I think she's being really smart about the whole thing. And she seems to get along with everyone in the house so that's always a plus.
Natasha Hamilton - I liked Atomic Kitten back in the day but never learnt any of their individual names haha. She's kind of disappeared off the radar since the whole Farrah thing from the first night. I think she realised what she started and backed down because who can be bothered with that drama. So I'm interested to see if something happens with her again, I imagine it will because she seems very opinionated.

Fatman Scoop - Another chill guy. He understands everyone's gotta do what they gotta do. He gives great girl advice to James haha. He also gives good advice to other housemates on occasion. Plus he stresses the importance of having your own bed in the house. I like him.
Sherrie Hewson - I've seen her on Loose Women. She's another person who hasn't had a lot of camera time, but I sense she's going to be nice to everyone in the house and avoid conflict. Which a lot of the older housemates seem to be doing. Which is fine, it just makes them seem a bit boring.
Stevi Richie & Chloe Jasmine - I don't know why they are counted as one housemate. I don't see how that's fair when team USA only have five housemates now that Tila got kicked out. Also, they are kind of annoying, I'm not all about that PDA. I get that they are a couple and in love, but to see them always together and kissing and I can appreciate it every once in a while, but I agree with Jenna and Farrah on this one. It's just not good. Plus they're already sexually frustrated and have only been in the house for four will they cope two weeks from now?

Tila Tequila - I liked her. I have heard her name before but never really knew who she was. From what we saw of her I could see she was going to be a problem for James haha. I can only imagine how that would have went if she had stayed in the house. As for her being kicked out of the house for something she said years ago...I think Big Brother should have done their homework before letting her into the house in the first place. Plus, haven't we all said stupid things online at one point or another?
And so those are my first impressions on this season's CBB housemates! I'm sure these opinions will change as the show goes on because we are still in the early stages, but I'm excited! As for being team UK or team USA, I feel like I have to be team UK because I live in the UK but to be honest I find the USA housemates much more entertaining, so we'll see if that changes in the future. Look out for update blog posts in the future on the show, because some thoughts are just too long for 140 characters.
~ Courtney xx
All photos from the Channel 5 CBB website.

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