Pretty Little Liars

My Current TV Shows


Today I thought I would talk you through my current TV shows. I felt the need to do this because I feel like I am posting about a lot of TV shows lately and sometimes it is hard to keep track haha. So if you were ever interested to know what shows I am following and currently watching then this is the blog post for you. Although, if you follow me on social media right now you probably think the only show I watch is How To Get Away With Murder...but that is only the tip of the ice burg with the shows I watch.
So yeah, these are all the shows I am currently watching that are still on air. I am also going to put them in the order I started watching them because that might help me remember them all. I swear I don't think I watch that much TV until someone asks me what I watch or I am talking about the shows to someone else...

The Vampire Diaries (2009 - 2017)

This was one of the first TV shows I really got into and started following. I think Glee was the first. But Vampire Diaries came up behind it. At first, I didn't want to watch it because I thought that it was going to be similar to Twilight. You know, a vampire falls in love with a human, there's a bit of a love triangle, they have werewolves...But no. Completely different.
I'll admit when I first started to watch it I couldn't get past the similarities because I was hardcore Twilight fangirl at the time but as the show progressed I realised it was so much more than I originally thought.
I got into this show around the time it was halfway through season 2. My friend would not stop talking about it and so one night I caved and finally decided to watch it. From then I was hooked. I fell in love with the Katherine - Elena's doppelganger - and everything about the show and the characters.
And now, I am dreading the end of this series. I was sad to find that season 8 was going to be its last season. I was hoping for more. I wanted the show to go on forever. But I guess all good things must come to an end. All I hope is that everything works out because from the last episode that I saw, things were not going well. I hope we get the ending we deserve.

Pretty Little Liars (2010 - 2017)

I started this show on a whim. Didn't really know much about it. Started watching it after I had finished watching Gossip Girl because I love my high school drama shows.
I quickly realised this show was more than just about high school drama haha. But I fell in love. I'm not quite sure what it was about the show that made me fall in love but once I was hooked I was all in. I needed to know who A was.
And when we found out that Alison was alive - that was a big shock to me. The show just kept stepping up its game so how can you not love it? I even got so into the show I started making YouTube videos about it, talking about my own theories on who A might be and sharing my thoughts on the show.
When the show was put on Netflix, it wasn't long before my entire school year at the time was talking about it, which made it very hard to avoid spoilers if you didn't keep up with the show. Luckily, I always did. It was always interesting coming into school to hear about people's theories on who  A was.
It was safe to say we were all disappointed in the last A reveal but it's now at the point where we are 10 episodes left from the show ending and so, we might as well stick it out and see who the real big bad A is. I haven't read the books, but I do know who was revealed to be A in them. But something tells me the TV show is not going to end the same as the books so, who is A? I have no idea. But I'm dying to find out.

Nashville (2012 - 2017)

I started this show after Glee ended and my friend suggested it to me. They said it was similar to Glee because they also had original songs. Definitely not like Glee but I do like the songs haha.
Honestly, it took me a while to get into this show. I only really stuck around for Juliette in seasons one and two but then season three hit and that's when I really fell in love. I think I started watching this show during season 2. I seem to always find good shows when they are in their second season haha.
But what I didn't expect from this show was just how quickly I actually fell in love with it and how attached I would become to the characters. I have been through quite a few emotional ups and downs with this show but none can compare to the latest episode with Rayna. I made a video on my feelings on that one.
I just was not expecting her to go that way or that the actress wanted to leave the show. But I will forever be glad that the show got picked up for season 5 after it was cancelled. I don't know how I would have coped knowing it had ended on a cliffhanger.

Orange is the New Black (2013 - )

This show might be the reason why I decided to start up a Netflix subscription. I started it on a whim during the summer 2 years ago and since then I have been hooked.
Basically, when season 3 was released everyone online wouldn't stop talking about it so I finally wanted to see what all the fuss was about. And now I know, it's a really good show.
Like everyone I have my issues with Piper but everyone else on the show is great. As it is a Netflix Original, the show is highly binge-watch worthy but also it is agony waiting every year for a new season once you finish the current one.
I am still not over how they ended the latest season and so, I need the next one ASAP.

RuPaul's Drag Race (2009 - )

I never intended to actually get into this show, it just kind of happened haha. I was at a sleepover one night with my friends and one of them put it on for something to play as background noise and suddenly we were all paying more attention to it than anything else.
This was definitely the show I didn't realise I needed into my life until it came into it. It is fabulous. I have made blog posts talking about it before. I have met Bianca Del Rio, winner of season 6.
This show is amazing. I can't say enough good things about it. Meeting Bianca was a dream come true, and finding out that drag queens come to the UK on a regular basis is also a dream come true. I mean forget meeting other celebrities, drag queens are who you really wanna meet.
Also, the last All Stars season was definitely something that's not to be missed. And season 9 is right around the corner. This is one of those shows I can see going on forever and I need it to, because I'm not sure I am going to find something equally as fabulous to replace it with.

Suits (2011 - )

This was a recommendation from my boyfriend. I wasn't really sure if I would be into it but it turns out lawyers are something that I can be into.
I'm not really sure what it was about the show that got me into it, I think it was mainly just the whole thing of Mike being adorable and also how they were managing to get away with Mike being a fraud for so long.
Part of me does wonder how long this show can go on though. It's one of those things where it's based on something and then once that thing is gone, what direction can the show go in?
That being said, the season 6 finale was everything I needed it to be. I am so excited for season 7. But please can we let Louis find love? That's my main concern right now.

How To Get Away With Murder (2014 - )

My newest love. I have probably talked about this show enough for you to know how I feel about it and how I got into it. So I'll just not say anything more.
If anything I just wanted to know how they would progress after season 1 because they got away with the murder. But hey, they pulled it off and we are now gearing up for season 4. Am I prepared? Definitely not.

And those are all my current TV shows. To be honest I did think I had more shows than that, but I guess not haha. I guess in my head I was also counting shows I rewatch and ones that I tune into from time to time. But these are the ones that I watch every week without fail and can't wait for new episodes of.
I know some of them are ending really soon which is why I need to work on finding some more shows. Or maybe I need to take a break from TV shows and do something else. Maybe read more or something. TV has just become a really easy thing to turn to at the end of the day. Even though I did make a New Years' Resolution to read more this year.
But no matter what I always have time for a little TV, especially if it's for one of my favourite shows.
Anyway, I think that's everything that I had to say. Well, I could probably talk more about these shows if you wanted but I feel this blog post is getting a bit long so I will leave it here. Let me know what your favourite TV shows are below, and if you have any suggestions for shows I might like that would also be great. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some more TV to watch.
~ Courtney x

First Impressions

28 Things I Did in February


This month I feel like I did nothing, most of the things that are on this list probably happened within two weeks. But what can I say, sometimes it's just a dull month....But still, here are some things I did in February!

  1. Started back at uni after being off for a month and a half. It's always an adjustment.
  2. Became obsessed with the song Fall Back by A.Leean. AKA KPop singer Ailee. I am so excited about her US debut. I met her at KCon New York and she is such a queen.
  3. Built a fabulous vampire mansion on the Sims 4. It took a solid 3 hours I'm pretty sure, but it was worth it.
  4. Started back at my Korean classes. Coming back for level two was not as hard as I thought it would have been. That being said, I am still very far off from being fluent.
  5. Went to see Fifty Shades Darker. It was good, better than the first one but I still had my issues. Although I can't tell if that's just me being annoyed it wasn't exactly like the books or not.
  6. Celebrated my one year anniversary with my boyfriend. He was super cute and planned everything perfectly. I couldn't ask for a better person to have entered my life. He's pretty great.
  7. Had a really chill Valentine's Day - after the greatness of our anniversary, me and my boyfriend decided to spend Valentine's Day at home with pizza and Netflix. It was a great night in.
  8. Celebrated a friend's 20th birthday. This is only the beginning, all my friends are turning 20 this's gonna be weird. When did we all get so old?
  9. Went to see Bianca Del Rio on her last night of her comedy tour Not Today Satan. I laughed a lot, my face hurt from smiling. She's my queen. One of the best drag queens from Drag Race and so nice in person. When I met her last year I died. And when I found out she was coming back of course I had to go.
  10. Made friends with two guys during a pub quiz. My friend and I were there just for some drinks, didn't know there was a pub quiz on. The guys next to us needed help and so we quickly became friends. We promised to go back and help them again haha.
  11. Freaked out over How to Get Away With Murder some more. What even was that season finale?
  12. Fell ill for the first time in a long time. It was the proper kind of bed-ridden illness and not just a cold. I slept a lot and couldn't even fully rest because I knew I had to recover for a test I had in uni the next week, it wasn't very pleasant.
  13. Won some new boots in an ebay auction. They were pretty and I justified buying them because as a girl, I actually do not own that many pairs of shoes.
  14. Bought new notebooks and pens to make notes for uni. Super exciting stuff.
  15. Successfully bought one new dress for work placement. I know I need a few more but it's a start.
  16. Went to see the Lego Batman movie. I normally don't do superhero movies, but that one was pretty great.
  17. Cried over an episode of Nashville. This is what happens when you get attached to fictional characters. It's not good. But at the same time it is. But no one prepares you for the feelings.
  18. Started watching Don't Trust the B**** in Apartment 23. It's a shame there's only two seasons of the show.
  19. Caved and bought the YouTubers Life game. I have seen several YouTubers play it before and thought it would be my kind of game so took the plunge and bought it. So far, it has been very addicting so worth the money.
  20. Started watching Zalfie play Sims and Deligracy's Barbie Let's Play. Both of their Let's Plays made me want to play Sims a lot.
  21. Played Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City for the first time in months. It is always good to go back to an old game.
  22. Got really into playing Suduko on Brain Training for my DS. I have had the game since like 2008? I always replay the Suduko levels to get faster each time. It's been my go-to thing when I can't sleep.
  23. Had my nails done by a beautician for the second time ever in my life. It was an anniversary present from my boyfriend, my nails were pretty for weeks but it took forever to try and take the nail polish off.
  24. Logged into my old Moshi Monster account I made in 2009. I never understood why that blew up to be a big thing. I liked the puzzles you could play in it though. Can't believe I still had an email with the login details in it.
  25. Spilt water on my laptop like an idiot. I blame the fact I was ill at the time. Hoping it can be fixed although at this point it doesn't look good.
  26. Thought Vampire Diaries was on hiatus but it's I need to catch up on that before the series finale!
  27. Ran out of gas in the flat on pancake day and therefore could not make pancakes. The struggles of not checking your gas meter on a regular basis and having a gas stove.
  28. Created a new Neopets account (I've lost count of how many I've had) with the intention of keeping this one forever (I say that every time) but it lasted all of two minutes because the website wasn't loading lol.
I'm not going to lie I did struggle to get 28. I felt like this month went by so quickly and I literally did nothing. Yet when the month started I thought I would have lots to write about because I knew I had plans going into the month.
I suppose this month was more exciting than last month. Although March will probably be a bit boring too. Most of my time now consists of going to class or seeing my boyfriend or doing uni work. That's not very exciting to report every month haha. Hopefully I make an effort ot do more things. Shake it up a bit.
Lately I have been really wanting to go out more or do something. So hopefully that happens. I guess I will see you next month for 31 things I did in March. Looking forward to it already. :P
~ Courtney x