After thinking about it for a couple of days I decided to give this blog a little makeover. I explained in my last blog post that every so often I get these bursts of inspiration and this one happened to be about my blog.
Normally when I get these bursts of inspiration I want to start new, which means starting a new blog. Which I was conflicted about because I have had this blog for so long that it seemed a waste to toss it aside for something new. This is probably the longest I have ever kept one blog.
So instead of starting new, for no other reason than I wanted to, I decided to just change how the blog looked. Because that is usually the problem to begin with. I don't like how I designed the blog and I don't like the content I have been posting recently so I feel like I should just start from scratch.
This time though, I decided to be rational and not do that. I recently read the first post I made on this blog again and in it, I said that I would post whatever I wanted on this blog and not be confined to just one thing. Which is exactly what I still want to do.
For the past few months I have just been posting the same thing over and over and it was getting boring and I wanted to do something else, that doesn't mean a need to start a new blog to do it. The way this blog started was just a way for me to be myself, so I should just keep doing that and see where it takes me.
And that brings us to the redesign. The last theme I had for the blog was very dark, which kind of just went with the fact I like to wear a lot of dark clothing. But it felt really "doom and gloom" to me when I visited my blog. So I decided to go with the complete opposite. White and clean.
It's simple and it also probably makes the blog posts a lot easier to read. I know with the last blog I had, the design was pretty awful. It was very pink and girly and the font was hard to read...which again, was just the style I wanted at the time, but as soon as I wanted to change it I just decided to go with a whole new blog.
The design I have now, I really like. Especially because it is basic and so I feel like my blog posts really can be about everything and anything. I felt like the design I had before wasn't really allowing me to do that. I don't really know how that makes sense but it does to me haha.
With the new design, I also hope to be posting different blog content. Less about TV shows and more about other things. I didn't really intend to post a lot about TV shows when I started the blog, but it was just the thing I wanted to talk the most about and it kind of took over the blog.
I also used to do a lot of book reviews, which I didn't mind so much but I haven't been reading much lately so I don't think there will be a lot of those anytime soon.
I don't really know what other things I will post about but we just see where it goes. I don't want to put pressure on myself over something that is supposed to be a hobby, so I won't be having a schedule to when I post or anything like that. I just want to go with the flow and see where it takes me.
So I hope you guys like the new design and are excited about some new blog posts hopefully coming in the future! And of course, you can still find me other places on the Internet such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and all that jazz. Luckily, I have been able to keep those accounts the same over the years haha.
Thanks for reading, and I hope you come back to see my new blog posts!
~ Courtney x

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