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Hey guys,
So my friends and I have just come home from seeing Inside Out and I have to say I really enjoyed it.

Before I talk about the actual movie, I do have to talk about the short film that showed before it. Mainly because I thought it was really weird. So with Disney movies now they usually come with a short film before the actual film starts and this one...this one I didn't like...
The short film is about a volcano that is looking for love, and he sings, which is very Disney of them to have a volcano sing. I just thought it was really weird and at one point I thought they were going to make it so the volcano never found love which is not the Disney way. Luckily the volcano does fall in love, with another volcano that was under the sea but somehow was able to use lava to get above sea level to be with the other volcano. I don't know.
It was just very strange, and I know that Disney short films are usually about some kind of inanimate object finding love - I mean I did watch one about umbrellas finding love once - this one I didn't enjoy very much. To me, it was just weird.
Anyway, onto the actual movie. So this movie is about the emotions inside of us and how they make us feel things. In particular this movie deals with five emotions inside the head of an 11-year-old girl. Those emotions are Joy, Fear, Anger, Sadness and Disgust.
Joy is the emotion that is mainly in charge and even has a special glow to her, which shows that this child is a very happy child and has had a very good life with a lot of happy memories. However things start to go wrong when Sadness comes into the picture, because when Sadness touches a memory, it turns from a happy memory to a sad memory and Joy doesn't know how to change it back into a happy memory.
Which is not good, especially when Sadness tries to touch one of the girl's core memories. According to the movie, core memories are each linked with a part of our personality and is part of who we are. So if Sadness were to touch one of those memories things would not be good.
Unfortunately Sadness doesn't understand and so Joy tries to stop Sadness from touching the core memories, this results in the core memories being removed from where they are held and being sent to "long term memory" along with all the other memories, as well as Joy and Sadness going with them.
The movie then follows Joy and Sadness as they try to navigate their way back to the headquarters of the girl's mind as well as shows how Disgust, Anger, and Fear deal with the girl's emotions while Joy is not in charge.
I thought that it was a really interesting movie because it showed us in very simple terms how the mind works. I mean in a way it does help you better understand how we feel the things we feel...but I'm not saying there are little characters in our head telling us how to feel. But in some ways it did make sense.
I mean yes, memories and experiences definitely contribute to your personality and memories go to your long term memory or are completely forgotten and the movie shows us that in a colourful way.
The movie also taught us that it's okay to be sad sometimes and we don't always have to be happy. Which I think is a good lesson to learn like it's okay to cry. And in the movie, Joy tends to always see Sadness as a burden and that her changing memories was a bad thing, but then she learns that being sad can sometimes be a good thing because it allows good things to happen after the bad.
And you know it wouldn't be a Disney movie unless it taught you something.
So while Joy and Sadness are trying to make their way back to the headquarters with the core memories, the other emotions try to take charge of the little girl's emotions and things tend to go from bad to worse as the things that make up her personality have disappeared with the core memories and she becomes very angry (mostly because Anger was in charge a lot).
The girl had just moved house and was in a new place so obviously she was going to be annoyed at this and because Joy wasn't there to put a positive spin on the girl's emotions she ended up being very angry and upset.
Towards the end of the movie I almost thought the girl was going to hit depression because the last of her personality 'islands' were crumbling and the control panel the characters used to control her emotions went grey. It was kind of dark for a Disney movie I thought, I mean when the control panel went grey the characters couldn't do anything and so her emotions were basically non-existent...
Luckily that didn't happen because that's when Joy and Sadness came back and Joy realised that the girl needed to be sad right now and it was okay to cry.
The movie ended with the characters in her head realising that the memories they created didn't just have to be one emotion they could be multiple such as a happy and sad memory. And so things ended up happily ever after as every good Disney movie does.
And so overall I thought it was a really good movie, and it definitely gets emotional about halfway through...I mean who knew that losing an imaginary friend would be so sad?
I would definitely recommend this movie for anyone though because I think that it's a really interesting movie and if you've ever wanted to know what goes on in people's minds it's a really fun way to learn. I mean, who doesn't want to know how the mind of an 11 year old girl works?
~ Courtney x

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