So yesterday afternoon me and my friends went to see Unfriended. It was our leavers day and while everyone else went out to party we went to see a horror movie in the middle of the afternoon. The perks of this are that there was no one else in the cinema so that was good because we definitely talked/screamed during this movie haha.

So if you don't know what the movie is about, it's about five friends who are having a Skype chat that get interrupted by a spirit of their former friend Laura Barns. Laura was a girl who committed suicide due to a video of her being posted online in a passed out drunken state and everyone bullying her.
During the course of the night, the spirit of Laura gets her friends to turn against each other and admit some pretty horrifying things and one by one they are killed off.
The movie actually looked really good from the trailer and in this society the social media platform was a perfect way to go. Some of my friends said they are now terrified of going on Skype...
I on the other hand...I'm not scared by it.
I mean overall I thought the movie was okay...I didn't really think it was that scary and I feel like there was so much left that was unexplained.
My main thought through the movie was...this girl, the main character Blaire does not know how to use a computer...I mean at one point one of the other characters actually yells "GOD BLAIRE DON'T YOU KNOW HOW TO USE A FUCKING COMPUTER" And I laughed because honestly...that would be me.
I suppose when you are being threatened and you are trying to get rid of, what you think is a virus, on your computer it's understandable that it can be hard to do some things but I don't know, it really irritated me.
Plus her Spotify stopped playing after one song every time and it made me wonder if that is even a thing that can happen, and how can you even listen to Spotify and talk to your friends at the same time? I couldn't.
This blog post is probably just going to be a list of things that annoy me, but it did annoy me.
Another thing that I noticed was that Blaire was very annoying when it came to messaging her boyfriend Mitch. He didn't reply right away and she kept messaging him over and over again and me and my friends were like... "Girl, calm down, give him time to reply."
Also everytime Mitch did reply the iMessage thing never changed Blaire's messages to "read" it always said "delivered" and that made us think she wasn't even messaging Mitch and that it was really the spirit of Laura. Plus you can sometimes see Mitch's webcam screen in the window below the messaging one and you can clearly see Mitch is not typing. I mean that could just be an editing mistake, but it annoyed me because I couldn't tell if that's the way it was meant to be or not.
Another thing is that it said Blaire and Laura had only been Facebook friends since like February which makes no sense because wouldn't they have known each other much longer? It indicates that they had because of photos of when they were younger...
Oh and I'd love to know what Saturday Night Live, Miley Cyrus thing is 12 GB because that was another thing that I noticed haha.
Also, Instagram comments don't have a notification sound when they are posted...that also bugged me, but I think they put the sound into put more emphasis on them.
Other than the technical errors of the movie - I swear that regular people who don't use the computer as much as me probably wouldn't care about these things haha - the movie wasn't that bad.
However, it did remind me a little bit of "A" from Pretty Little Liars. Mainly because "A" is this anonymous person who the girls originally think is Alison but it's not. I mean it's similar in that the characters all have secrets and this person is out to expose them... That or I just watch too much PLL.
Plus I thought it was a little creepy that Blaire gets turned on by her boyfriend threatening her with a knife. There's just something completely wrong about that.
Not to mention I really wanna know who Ashley Dane is and why the characters were so mean to her. Me and my friends want a sequel about Ashley Dane haha. I mean during the "never have I ever game" they brought her up and it was like...WHO IS ASHLEY DANE? I mean whoever she is I feel bad for her.
Also, it was so funny when Blaire said it was an "accident" that she slept with Mitch's best friend Adam. Plus it was Adam's birthday? Like how is that meant to make Mitch forgive either of them? It was really funny, even though they were all about to die...
Oh and can we please talk about how unrealistic that chat roulette scene was...people on chat roulette hardly believe anything and I don't think they'd call the police for you. At least from my chat roulette experiences I know a lot of people just think you're joking or skip past you. I mean there are some nice people out there who you can talk to which is nice but like I said, it's rare that you'd find someone who would believe you were being attacked by something online...
I also can't believe Blaire sold out all her friends in the end...I mean really. She got Adam killed by showing a note she wasn't meant to, she told Laura's spirit Mitch posted the video and in the end she was the one who really started it all. Although it was obvious from the video a girl filmed it because of the hair...
If anything we all wished that Blaire was left alive to live with the fact she killed her four friends and Laura.
So yeah, I think that's everything I have to say about the movie. I mean I guess I was just sort of being mean about everything and I disliked the movie, but I think I was expecting a lot more. I mean I did think it was entertaining to watch and with my friends comments it made it a lot more enjoyable, but I think it's one of those movies I could only ever watch once.
As for being scared of using Skype...I'm not. I mean if anything this movie teaches you not to be a total bitch and post videos online and tell people to kill themselves. Which is something that should be taught anyway.
So moral of the story is: don't tell people to kill themselves, don't post degrading videos of people online and take responsibility if you do mess up on the internet. Because I've been there, I think we all have and yes it will come back to haunt you. So just be careful.
Other than that don't be afraid of the internet because it can actually be a really useful and fun place. You just have to make sure you are using it the right way. :)
~ Courtney x

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