New Blog!


Hello world,
I have decided to start a new blog.
This isn't news.
I mean it is but it's not big news. I start new blogs all the time. Mainly just because I can never decide what vibe I am going for with it. But I think this one will be here to stay. My last blogspot blog was created to talk about all of my fangirl things which I still want to talk about but that isn't all I am.
I feel like the way I made that blog was very limited and so I am making this one.
This will be my main blog where I post everything and anything. I will keep the old blog around because I posted there for a year and I feel like it should still be there to be seen.
I did think about transferring the blog posts to this new blog but I don't feel like that would work out in the best way.
So I'm here, with a new blog and a new many possibilities.
I don't know if I will be able to post here regularly but I hope that I make time to. Blogging is something I have loved to do ever since I was younger, and I feel like I tell this story a lot, so I'm not going to tell it again, but basically blogging has been a great way for me to express how I feel for a long time and I don't want to give it up.
Anyway...I think I should introduce myself, for the thousandth time on the internet haha.
My name's Courtney Shek, I'm currently 17 and live in the UK. I am on my last year of a levels in secondary school and when I am not studying I spend a majority of the time on the internet.
And I think that's all you need to know about me. If that isn't enough then maybe you should stick around and learn more about me through my blog. Or you can go to any one of my other social media websites and learn more about me there.
I am a very active person on the internet and I pretty much have every social network out there so if you are looking to know more about me there are plenty of ways to do that. Including here now.
I'm not sure where I am taking this blog but I think I will just write about whatever I want. I think if I confine myself to a certain thing that I won't like it and I'll want to change it. Which is often a problem with me specifically with's amazing I've been able to keep my Tumblr blogs running for as long as I have.
And so yeah. I think that's everything. I just thought I should try really hard with the blogging thing because when I have blogged before it's never stuck that very first blog was around for a long time but after that I just kind of stopped. So I am looking to pick blogging back up again because it does help to share your thoughts sometimes, even if that is out on the internet. The chances of someone relating to you is much higher and I feel like that's why I'm so comfortable putting my thoughts out there. So that's what I do.
Now just to wait to see if anyone finds my thoughts interesting enough to read.....
~ Courtney x

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