About Me

Hey guys!
I'm Courtney, 20 years old and I live on the Internet.
I started blogging when I was about 13, on my Bebo page and it used to be all about my dramatic life as a 13-year-old. Since then, I have been wanting to start blogging again because I found it to be really fun and I like to express myself through writing so I thought this would be the perfect hobby for me.
So far, since I started blogging I have only really been about blogging about TV shows, movies and books. Which, is good but I do want to start blogging more about personal things. Although I have learnt that there is such thing as oversharing on the internet, so I have to find a balance.
When I am not blogging, I am usually on Twitter, Tumblr or YouTube. My main activities on these websites involve tweeting way too much, reblogging everything on Tumblr and watching way too many daily vloggers.
I started making my own YouTube videos in November of 2013 and since then I have slowly established myself as a vlogger. I don't have the biggest amount of subscribers, but even so I still keep posting away. It's a whole new experience to be on the other side of the camera on YouTube. To be the creator of content rather than the consumer, it really does give you an idea of how hard big YouTubers work to create their content so I do have a lot of respect for them.
Other than my activity on the Internet, in the real world, I live in the UK and have just completed my second year at university and am soon to be heading into the world of work for placement year. Scary I know.
So while I am dealing with the huge change to my life in the real world as I become an adult, I am grateful to have the constant of my internet life. And, of course, since I do live a great deal on the internet I will gladly share my experience with you all.
And even if I am only writing to about 3 people or just myself, I'll still do it. Sometimes you just have to do these things for yourself and not for others but if others get enjoyment from it then it is a bonus.
So I hope you enjoy my life, it's not the most exciting, but I still like to put it out there and connect with people.
~ Courtney x